11 Angrezi TV Shows Specifically Recommended For Pakistani Students

Have you ever opened a Youtube video only to find some gori rambling on and on about irrelevant shit instead of getting to the point? You probably have, since Youtube’s official guide to making videos clearly states:

“The character in the video must devote at least the first 2 minutes to blabbing about ridiculous things that the average viewer does not care about.”

THAT is what the first paragraph of every listicle is like.

And now, the list of TV shows:

1. Community

Everything Dan Harmon makes is a thing of beauty. This show is only slightly unrealistic.  In real life, it is seldom that lovable misfits find each other and become a family of sorts by bonding through awesome adventures. Neither would a community college ever allow random Paintball/Pillowfight shenanigans. Don’t watch this if you’re prone to sadness and have zero friends because it will trigger wishful nostalgia and exaggerated daydreams about past friendships that weren’t really all that great (according to a friend.)

Recommended for: anyone who loves good TV shows and has a wonderful sense of humor.

Source: Sony Pictures Television

2. How To Get Away With Murder

It’s like Gossip Girl. You can’t stop watching it even though you are so fucking sick of the crybaby drama that is slowly and steadily turning into a pile of steaming crap, despite a promising start. Except that Gossip Girl didn’t even have a promising start.

Very soap-opera. All the characters have dramatic backstories, infinite sadness and celestial angst, and a tendency to crash and burn in a cycle of self-pity and self-victimization.

Recommended for: people who take themselves too seriously.

Source: ShondaLand

3. Freaks and Geeks

Every self-proclaimed freak/geek/nerd/special snowflake (so basically every Generation Z-er and most Millennials) will love this show because it’s soooo relateable and really speaks to them. You against the world. Dorkiness. Slight drama. Real, raw character development. Identity crises. (Who am I really? Am I the nerd, the badass, or both?) The nerd wants the validation that comes with being a badass and the badass wants the validation that comes with being a nerd. Don’t think about it too much. You’re probably neither.

The nerd wants the validation that comes with being a badass and the badass wants the validation that comes with being a nerd. Don’t think about it too much. You’re probably neither.

Recommended for: special snowflakes

Source: Dreamworks Television

4. The Office

It’s nice to watch this show from your pedestal (according to a friend) and get a taste of the 9 to 5 routine life after college.

Recommended for: people of all shapes/sizes/colors/ages.

Source: Deedle-Dee Productions

5. Undeclared

Ah, the dreary unglamorous realities in the life of the average college student.

Recommended for: the average college student.

Source: Dreamworks Television

6. Rick and Morty

Beautiful. If I ever get 3 wishes the 1st would be to get 1000 wishes (ayy Community), the 2nd would be to make Dan Harmon immortal, and the 3rd would be to have him create more awe-inspiring TV shows.

Recommended for: refer to point number 1.

Source: Williams Street

7. Archer

Fun  TV show. Really great pick-me-up after you find out you forgot you haven’t submitted homework on the student portal for the past 2 months (according to a friend.)

Gets tedious after a while. OKAY, WE GET IT. Satire, drugs, women, guns, party, innuendos. Great, stop dragging the show move on.

Recommended for: sad people.

Source: Floyd County Productions

8. Adventure Time

Whimsical, delicate, just AMAZING.

Recommended for: basically everyone.

Source: Cartoon Network Studios

9. Gilmore Girls

I have very mixed feelings about this one. It’s like that fun friend you have who can get really annoying sometimes. Most of the time. (All the time.)

Recommended for: Mean girl cliques.

Source: Warner Bros Television

10. Arrested Development

(Aaccording to a friend)

Recommended for: friend.

Source: 20th Century Fox Television

11. Game of Thrones

The show is deliciously complex and enjoyable on its own without being insufferable but also great as it will serve as a constant reminder that no one is really your friend and if other people are cheating on the exam you can either tell on them and suffer the social suicide (ayy Ned stark) or cheat better than everyone else (ahem, Cersei Lannister.)

(A true mastermind would snitch on other people and then proceed to cheat.)

Recommended for: People who like magical realism (GOT isn’t exactly MR, but it can be.)

Source: HBO

Note: This article is part-satire and all-opinion. My opinion. If you are looking for TV show reviews, here’s a quick guide:

1. Press Ctrl+T (opens new tab)

2. Type www.google.com

3. Type name of TV shows you want to look up

4. Press the spacebar (the key covering the largest area on your keyboard) once

5. Type the word ‘review’ (example> Community review)

6. Proceed reading bland TV shows ke reviews with little bias and even less sarcasm.

Source: Steven Levitan Productions

Cover image via HBO

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