These Are All The Types Of Smokers You’ll Meet In University

So, here’s a detailed look into the kind of smokers you will meet during your 4 years of college. Any smoker you meet is just going to be a hybrid of some of these, trust me on this.

1. The One Who Wakes Up In The Middle Of Sleep To Smoke

Affectionately known as the Charsi. This person is never seen without a cigarette in their hand. Cigarettes are their Kryptonite. Deprive the Charsi of cigarettes and they will do anything in exchange for a smoke. You’re welcome.

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2. The Socialite

The one who smokes because he is a tool. They smoke exclusively in social situations because there is an unspoken increase in your social cache if you smoke with the boys while bantering about the state of our youth or how feminism emasculates men.

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3. The Newbie

The one who has never done it and is starting it for dumbass reasons like fitting in, looking cool etc. This person is a sheep and will not go far in life because they obviously have no opinions of their own. Can’t even inhale smh.

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4. The Depressed

The one who wants to die and cigarettes are the only thing that will help them achieve this end.

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5. The Wise

The one who tries talking about Marxism or some other heavy shit at every party while blowing smoke in people’s faces.

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6. The Fun Dumbass

The one who is too dumb and unaware and busy partying to give a shit about the more meaningful things in life and smokes just because. Usually tripping on something or the other.

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7. The Kangaal

“Sir, ek sutta mil sakta hai?”

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8. The Businessman

The busy one who thinks his life is a solid imitation of Mad Men. Aggressive. Smokes in ‘stressful situations’ like society interviews or some other dumb shit.

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9. The Wannabe

The one who tries too hard. Aspires to be known as the Charsi but just isn’t chill enough. Usually also a newbie.

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10. The Cool One

Smokes occasionally. Does not feel the need to flaunt it. Is chill. Usually the most likable type of smoker.

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Amidst all of this, remember that smoking kills, so yeah.

Also, you might want to watch this.

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