Here Are Some Summer Activities For University Students That Are Actually Better Than Doing An Internship

For every university student currently going through what-am-I-supposed-to-do-with-my-life phase, here are some of the activities that you can involve yourself in for a healthy, productive summer:

1. Learn image manipulation

Invest in a life skill that will increase the amount of social validation you get on Facebook photos.

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2. Read Read Read

Self-explanatory. Pick up that book you’ve been putting off since 5 years. Read it. If you’re gonna be waila, be a cultured, well-read waila.

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3. Watch all the popular TV shows/movies

All the shit you missed out on because you were so busy studying? Watch it. Google “top TV shows/movies of 2017/2016” and watch all of them. Because everyone else already has. And you gotta do what everyone else is doing.

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4. Prepare for standardized tests

The SAT, GRE, or CSS. Whatever is coming up for you. Hustle while everyone else wastes away their summers hanging out with their friends on the beach, bantering over picnics, summer flings etc etc. You might be alone but it’s nicer being along when you have that 2200 on your SAT. (That’s not my score. Nope, it isn’t. I’m not alone. I have friends. YOU don’t have friends. YOU are reading a guide on summer activities. FUCK your dreamz)

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5. Learn one of these CV skills

MS Excel, SEO, Google Analytics, Web development whatever interests you the most. There are many free courses online that teach you these skills at a basic level. Now that all businesses have some form of IT integration, it’s only a good idea to have one of these skills up your sleeve.

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6. Try cooking

It’s fun. Trust me.

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7. Intern/volunteer (yes, even if they don’t pay you)

Corporations suck. Companies suck. Firms suck. Capitalism, and everything supporting it sucks. It is wrong wrong wrong to make people produce output for you without giving them a fair cut of the profits. But this is how it usually works. Aside from the lucky few who manage to find paid internships, most students do whatever work they get their hands on. It’s generally a good idea to start building up your CV as soon as possible so that when you graduate, you have an edge over others who have the same degree as you. There are a lot of jobs out there that give you a stipend to cover the costs associated with working somewhere so keep an eye out for those.

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8. Maintain a blog

Remember that time you started a blog in grade 10 and didn’t make anything of it? It’s easy to get discouraged at the start when you come across all these super successful blogs, but it’s silly to make comparisons. A good blog doesn’t have to be a popular one. You’re doing it for yourself.

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9. Watch TED talks

Individuals spreading their ideas on all kinds of subjects. TED talks are super informative and it’s easy to get hooked since you ┬áto learn about everything from science to human behavior to dancing.

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10. Practice music

Difference between musicians and ordinary people? Mere mortals want to be musicians, musicians practice and DO IT.

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11. Make short films

Grab your smartphone and set off for a day of adventure with a couple of friends. Make a mockumentary of sorts to forever capture the terrible summer vacation you are having (if you’re reading this article, it is clearly the rock bottom of your summers)

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12. Catch up on studying

If you have no friends and summer plans, start studying for the courses you will have next semester. Get a head start for that straight A. Ah, isn’t it fun, not having friends?

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