These Heartbreaking Stories Will Tell You How University Can Be Pretty Unfair

“Why me?”

I worked for ten hours on that project.”

I saw her coming out of the professors office.”

We all knew it was wrong. But all we could do was accept our fate because the teacher is always right.”

Source: NYC Educator

As kids, I remember being told that we’d get what we deserve. That, karma is always served, and that kid who wiped his nose on your coat secretly?

He’ll get all that snot right back at him.

Or at least I hope he does. 

In the long run, this might be the case- hard work does pay off sooner or later. But moments, where hard work goes to waste or where you see someone being rewarded for something you spent hours working on, your heart crashes with defeat.

Source: Wingnut Films

And even though you know you did all the work while the slug slept on, you sit down quietly and hope for the best because:

“Iss dunya mein toh aisa hota rehta hai.”

Hota hi rehta hai bhai. Life is unfair, deal with it.

 But what about how these people felt when their hard work went to the gutter right in front of their eyes?

1. The teachers least favorite student:

Source: The Tempest

“We were assigned a project that was about 10% of our grade. As a group of two people who want a good grade would do- we worked out butts off. Kept up with all the quizzes and stuff too. There was this one girl in class who never really bothered with the work and classes, just always sat at the front whenever she would show up to class. Rolled her eyes at the professor once too. She ended up getting an A with a half done project whereas we got an A-. I’ve never been more demotivated my entire life.”

2. The rich kid

Source: Odyssey

“My best friend bought a paper from someone a night before it was due and got the full percentage allotted for it. Everyone else in class had been working on it for about a month. Ugh so unfair!”

3. Benching before experience 

Source: Pinterest

“I played football for my college and school team for about five years and represented them internationally too. When I joined the University team, I was benched for two semesters because apparently, university football needs a different kind of experience. The kind that involves watching your coach’s mate play on as he tries to remember what a defender actually does.”

4. Oops?

Source: Clevver

“There was this one time in third year when we saw a student walk out of the professors office in a state that… we wouldn’t really call composed. She smiled at us and just walked away. We never really saw her in class most of the time so we never really questioned it. She ended up getting an A in a course that 20 students failed in.

5. “Toh mein kya karoon?”

Source: NBC

“One of our best mates got into a really bad accident before an exam. We spent an hour trying to convince the professor that he was badly hurt and couldn’t make it but he failed him simply because we didn’t have any way to contact him. He ended up going into depression.”


Even though the pressure and lessons learned through it does mold a person into a stronger human, it definitely takes a toll on their mental health and the way they perceive things too. University is pretty unfair sometimes and it honestly needs to stop.

And just because “Aisa hota rehta hai.”

Doesn’t mean kay aisa hona chahiyay.