Wasim Akram Just Visited Kinnaird College And Gave An Inspirational Talk About Facing Your Challenges

On November 14, the very talented Wasim Akram and his graceful wife, Shaniera Thompson, came to visit Kinnaird College for Women’s Studies. 

He made quite an entrance in his black BMW, cruising through the excited crowd that was anxious to catch a glimpse of the former Pakistani cricketer.


As an ambassador of a blood-glucose monitoring device, Accu Chek, Wasim Akram addressed the audience about the importance of being aware about diabetes. He also talked about and discussed the different misconceptions that there are about this disease in Pakistan and cleared them up.

Wasim Akram also mentioned that when he was 29,  he himself was diagnosed with diabetes. He then took it as a challenge for himself, and took a 6 month break from cricket.

After coming back from his break, Wasim Akram took more then 100 wickets in ODI and Test Matches. “That is the motivation everyone should have,” he explained to the awestruck students and faculty at Kinnaird. He stressed upon the need to exercise, not only just for the diabetic, but everyone. Since Shaniera Thompson is an Australian, he began to discuss their culture. They give a lot of importance to exercise, and begin their day in the early hours.

Source: Jannat. A

Wasim Akram talked about how 6:30-9:30 am is Australians peak time to be productive, however, unfortunately in Pakistan, many don’t begin their day until 12pm. 

There were dieticians, a female international weight lifter and an international chess player present as well. They all spoke about the importance of keeping a check on your body, and staying physically and mentally fit. Holding the Accu-Chek banner, Wasim Akram, Shaniera Thompson, Kinnard College’s Principal and many international players walked across the field, and lot’s of photographs and videos were taken.

Source: Ayesha Toor

In case anything happens to you, whether it is diabetes or anything else, as Wasim Akram said, you shouldn’t take it as a weakness, but as a challenge and know if you try hard enough, you can conquer anything.

In the end Wasim Akram left us with three words: Believe and Become. Thank you for the wonderful day, and the amazing lecture!