FC College Just Had It’s Feminist Comic Con And Here Are All The Details

Submitted by The WES Marketing Department

The highly anticipated WES Feminist Comic Con finally took place on the 17th and 18th of November, and it was everything we expected and more! The two day event saw a bigger turnout this year, and all who attended were geared up to celebrate women, entertainment and the world of comics. Here are a few highlights from two productive and insanely fun days:

Panel Discussions:

Our panel discussions delivered a punch like no other. There were two panels, one on each day. The first one was on Women’s Narratives through Illustration and Writing. The panel consisted of various women skilled at illustrating, crafting stories, writing brilliant novels, comic book contributors. Amongst the various panelists was Annick Goethals, a Belgian author and ardent feminist, who took the panel discussion by storm with her candid commentary. The gripping discussion revolved around hurdles faced in the world of writing as a woman, inspirations for characters and advice for upcoming female writers and artists.

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The panel on the second day was for the documentary, Mard Ban. Various women, including the creator Aurelie Salvaire and transgender activist Jannat Ali, commented on the stigmas of what it means to be a man in our society, the toxic masculinity thrown in all our faces. The panelists also addressed how this was mentally affecting men themselves, in the form of various health issues such as depression. It was an enlightening discussion on the current trends in our beliefs as a society.

Maria Unera!

Everyone was buzzing with excitement over Maria Unera’s performance at the closing ceremony and we were rightfully excited! The rather intimate acoustic set was absolutely brilliant, and Maria had everyone hanging on to every single note she sang. Maria also debuted a song about women paving their own path in this troubled riddle world. There was a resounding silence in the crowd and goosebumps when she closed off with “Strong”, a song for her late mother and everyone was in awe.

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Cosplay and Fandom Trivia

We wanted people to go all out for the cosplay and they did not let us down! There were way more cosplayers present than last year, all of them had completely transformed themselves and they delivered some amazing short performances in the competition.

The Fandom Trivia was the usual hullaballoo, with teams scrambling to answer questions within the time frame, the audience shouting out incorrect answers to confuse them, and a lot of laughing and chaos while the trivia went on.

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We had a Storybuliding Workshop set up conducted by Khaya Ahmed and a Cosplay Workshop by Nouman Mateen and Mehreen Arsalan. Both of them fulfilled the idea that we had in mind – to help attendees understand more about whatever craft they found interesting. The workshops had a great exchange of ideas happening, and our field experts gave invaluable advice to all who were present.

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The Feminist Comic Con was capped off with some great food, and good music at the Yule Ball.

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Over the span of two days, we successfully helped evil rise, we empowered women and highlighted their work in various fields, and we had a great time. We thank all our sponsors and guests. The Feminist Comic Con will be back next year!