This Is The Only Thing You Need To Read To Get Your Lazy Ass Up And Start Exercising

By Biya Haq | 9 Apr, 2017

Jee, ayein.

Welcome to your work out pep talk, please sit, make yourself comfortable.

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Acha so working out is the worst possible thing ever, we all know that. It sucks.

Uthna parta hai, tyaar hona hota hai and at this point most of us are already completely exhausted. Oopar sai, actually working out after all of that hard work is even worse and aglay din keh khaliyaan? Choro yaaaar.

BUT NAI.  Today, we’re going to help you finally put your life on the healthy track.

Aaj hum sab gym ponchay gein or healthy lifestyles jeeyein gein. Pata kyun? Because we are all hot and fit people andar sai, so it’s about time the outside started matching the inside. Nai? Kaafi logical baat hai. 



No complaints, no excuses no sighs or groans, uth jao or challo.

Don’t say you’ll start tomorrow, we all know no one does anything on a Monday. There is no such thing as a Monday in the workout world, just NOW. If you keep putting it off you will never go, haina? You’re thinking about all the times you didn’t go to gym on that Monday, aren’t you? Koi nai, now you can do it.

Dekho, you have your whole life to be old, tired and lazy – don’t you want to see what you’re capable of? Jaaaan hai aap mein. You have the ability to run 12 miles, do a 3 minute plank annnnd not collapse on the floor! (InshAllah).



Keeping pictures of actually healthy people in random spots all over the place will give you instant motivation.

Isko dekho

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Aur ab isko

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Inspired thora bohot?

That and sadness but it’s okay – let the sadness fuel your workout. Treadmill peh roh lo, as long as you keep running, nooooo problem, no one is judging.

Oh and watch out for fitness Instagram accounts, filters can be very deceiving, dekh keh follow karna.

Just think about how amazing you would look if you were in shape. Uff, amazing waisay. You could rub it into your ex’s face, prove everyone who has ever called you fat wrong and wear that shirt you’ve been saving for this exact moment.

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Also about this whole diet thing – choro.

Food is too precious and it’s meant to be enjoyed! Important thing to remember though, it is meant to be enjoyed in moderation~ Have  your favorite junk food every once in a while, enjoy your dessert and don’t deprive yourself of the things you really want.

Best thing about working out? You get to eat everything you want! Craving a burger? You get to have it, guilt free.

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It takes exactly 21 days to develop a habit (google karna, sach keh rahi houn) and a healthy eating style is the best habit to make.

Before you start rolling your eyes at the thought of green drinks and kale, eating realistically healthy is not that bad, in fact (yeh bhee sach bhol rahi houn) a lot of healthy food is actually really delicious.

The most important thing to know though, the most important part of this pep talk, is that if you’re going to work out, it has to be for you. Not for anyone else. Don’t get in shape to impress other people or to be as skinny as your friends – get into shape to lead and live a happy healthy life.

You don’t have to be at the gym at 6 am, even a walk in the neighborhood could be your exercise for the day. The point is, you have to keep moving. So get out there, workout, YOU CAN DO IT.

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Are there any other motivational things you can think to add in this pep talk? Please, help out your fellow (trying to) gym goers by telling us in the comment section! Love you.


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