Worried about your children's school performance? Here is a nutritionist's guide to an ideal school lunch box.

By MangoBaaz Studio | 23 Dec, 2022

Do you worry about your child’s health? Despite looking after your children day and night, meeting their emotional and material needs, giving them support, and ensuring that they have all the resources to succeed, do you still worry when sending them off to school where they spend the entire day without your supervision? After children leave for school in the mornings, often mothers wonder if their breakfast will be enough to provide them with nutrition throughout the day. There is no doubt that the idea of young children studying for long hours, engaging in physical exercise, and absorbing new loads of information can be quite concerning to many mothers who want to ensure that their children have sufficient energy to carry them throughout the day.

School kids need nutrition and Olper's is the perfect solution for this
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What you should give your children for School Lunch Breaks

It is therefore necessary to make sure that they have the appropriate nutrition for their young growing bodies. School lunch break is perfectly positioned between breakfast and lunch, making it an ideal time for children to re-fuel themselves after they have spent a few hours learning at school. Proper nutrition at this time will ensure that children will remain healthy and attentive in school, living up to their full potential.

To ensure that children are performing at their peak throughout the day, parents should strive to give their children a homemade school lunch box that includes healthy and nutritious foods. A complete and well-balanced meal can include sandwiches with chicken or beef, homemade kababs, some fruit, and nutritious drinks like milk.

homemade kababs, some fruit, and nutritious drinks like Olper's
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Why milk is necessary in children’s diets

Milk contains nutrients like calcium, protein, and vitamin B12, which help improve muscle and bone health, support immunity, and help with learning and memory. Time and time again, studies prove the benefits of milk.  In 2009, The National Institution of Nutrition in Vietnam found that milk consumption increased short-term memory and improved the weight and height of children. In 2016, a Korean study by their Nutrition Society reported that increased milk consumption elevated motivation levels for studying and improved academic performance. Another Korean study shows that adolescents that consume milk have improved bone mineral density, which can contribute to better physical performance in sports and other physical activities

So how can you add milk to your children’s school lunch box? Lucky for parents, Olper’s has a solution –

When you add Olper’s Flavoured Milk to your child’s school lunch box, you are not only giving them a meal full of nutrition, you are also ensuring that they perform well in school. Packed with Calcium and Protein for their bodies and Vitamins like B12 to facilitate brain function and development, milk is the ideal drink for school children. It is certainly no surprise that in developed countries like the US and the UK, schools and governments ensure that milk is given to children in their breaks.

Thanks to Olper’s Flavoured Milk, this healthy choice is now accessible to children who are sure to be excited by the delicious variety of flavors ranging from Chocolate and Strawberry to Badam Zafran. Olper’s not only contains all the benefits of milk but is also fortified with added Calcium and Vitamins, which give your children nutrition that can improve their mental and physical performance at school.

Mothers should always ensure they provide their children with essential nutrition during the day, especially during the school lunch breaks. A nutritious meal during these breaks can help children re-fuel themselves in between the full day of learning.



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