11 Genuinely Loving Gifts Your Mom Actually Wants For Mother's Day, As Told By A Mother Herself

By Nai Dulhan | 10 May, 2019

Ever since I became an Ammi, life has become even more of a whirlwind, and it feels like someone just removed the pause and breathe button. Being a mom is hard – harder than any job in the world because it not only drains you physically but also tests you in the best and the worst ways.

Matlab, when you see your child in a pool of pee, you can’t decide whether you should laugh or go murder the last brain cell that you have left in your body.

Iss liye folks, Even though every day is Amma’s Day, we decided to become the voice of all the amazing moms out there and give you a low down of the 11 things that any mom would ever REALLY want as the perfect gift, this Mother’s Day.


1. A clean, saaf suthra house

Source: familycircle.com

Someone wise once said, yeah being rich is cool and all, but have you ever come home to a clean house? That someone wise must definitely be a mom because guys, trust me, the biggest phadda you have with your children – old and young (includes your husband) – is ke bhai ghar ganda kyun kertay ho? So yes, THAT is the BEST gift any mom could ever get.


2. A fresh, folded pile of laundry

Source: westpointcleaners.com

Jee haan! Kapray dhulay hon and folded hon toh matlab, day fucking made!! What would be even more amazing is if your family decides to relieve you of laundry duties for the rest of the week. Uffff – no words. THAT’S how awesome that would be.


3. Someone else to cook khaana for the day

Source: Shan Foods / YouTube

Deciding what to cook is probably the worst part of being a mom, because most of the times no one will ever agree on one thing. So on this day, just do her a favor and decide, cook and serve on her part – trust me, you will have a lifetime supply of Ammi’s duas coming your way.


4. No refereeing a larai the kids are in, for the day

Source: Ogilvy Pakistan

Just be cordial with each other. Please. Because Ammi deserves it for one day yaar.


5. A day of TLC at the spa

Source: myoka.com

Once you’ve taken care of the above, you have all the reasons to send Ammi away for a nice, relaxing day at the spa. She can get them nails, hair and face done and come out of the salon feeling like a brand new gal. Yaar Ammi, jain, jee lain apni zindagi.


6. A lunch date with her chuddi buddies

Source: Rajshri Productions

Guys, believe it or not – Ammi ALSO has friends other than you guys. *GASP*. A lunch date with her other Ammi friends to bitch about life and its meaning is a MUST HAVE on Mother’s Day.


7. A day when she can just sleep in without being disturbed

Source: bestchinanews.com

This Ammi’s Day, remind your momma what sleep actually is by letting her sleep in all she wants. Matlab, let her go wild by deciding to wake up on her marzi ka time. Trust me, she will LOVE it.


8. A personal, handwritten note of appreciation from her kids and shauhar

Source: shutterfly.com

Don’t just Google any random poem from the internet to print out – write one yourself, and ask Abba to pitch in a few words of appreciation and love as well. It will make Ammi’s day and she might even exempt you from the other shushkay mentioned above.


9. Aap ka waqt 

Source: fnp.com

Guys, if you’re older and hardly available to hang out with your folks at home, a perfect gift for your mom would be a lunch/dinner date with you. Spend time with her, talk to her and make her feel like a princess who deserves all your time. Because after all, she gave up all her precious time to raise you and love you.


10. Money to blow on herself, and herself only

Source: businessinsider.com

Yaar, you know how your Ammi is – she will always sacrifice her needs to get what you want. So this Mother’s Day, raid Abba’s wallet and give Amma some well deserved cash to get whatever she WANTS, not what she needs. A favorite handbag, that perfume or even that designer lawn jora she’s been wanting since forever – make it happen for her.


11. Someone to make her feel that she is more than just your Ammi

Source: culturehook.com

Last but not the least, if you can’t do anything else for her, or have done everything else, the one thing you can, and must do, is to make your Ammi feel like an individual again. Often, the only thing we associate with our Amma’s is their role as a mom and nothing else. We forget that our pyaari Ammi too was a separate individual with hopes, dreams and ambitions of her own. So this Mother’s Day, remind Ammi that you appreciate her for fulfilling her role as your mom, but she MUST not forget herself in the process. Trust me, she needs to hear this!

So bachon, ajj ka lesson yeh tha that your Ammi deserves to be loved and pampered, not only on Mother’s Day, but everyday for the rest of the year – but you know, a little more on Mother’s Day.


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