11 Helpful Career Tips That Could Make Or Break Your Job Scene

By Noor | 26 Oct, 2021

In a recent podcast with Maria Memon, the General Manager of Coca-Cola, Fahad Ashraf, shed some light on important aspects of career counseling and shared a few career tips. The GM shared a few tips for young professionals and provided them with a set of do’s and don’ts to be followed in their early days of professional careers. He also made some important revelations about how the corporate world works and discussed how the newcomers should adapt according to their surroundings. Here are some important bits from the discussion

1. Multinational companies are generally attracted to a selected number of schools

To explain the reason behind it, the GM said that, due to limited resources, companies like to look for places where the chances of finding the ‘right’ candidates are higher.

2. While sharing career tips, Maria and Fahad tackled the parchi system 

According to Fahad, 90% of the companies now operate using a proper methodological framework of assessment procedure as the organ of HR is now fully in action and has become stronger than before.

3. Among other career tips, GPA of course had to be discussed. Basically, your GPA and the tag of the university are important to get you an interview, but the rest is on you

“GPA can get you in an interview but cannot get you through the interview,” Fahad stated. He continued by saying that the level of seriousness and the amount of research done about the organization can further enhance your profile.

Source: Maria Memon’s Podcast/YouTube

4.  Another one of the many helpful career tips shared: ‘pragmatism’ is one of the most important traits in the right candidate

In relation to this, he said that one has to be a person who is able to perform the tasks, and not just merely be able to discuss the tasks.

5. Lying in an interview is the biggest turn-off for him and that is exactly when he rejects candidates

He said that this is a subjective question as some interviewers even judge the seriousness of the candidate by his or her attire (for instance, if the dress is formal or not).

6. The ability to tell a story and being able to communicate it well to an interviewer can help the candidate to stand out 

Source: Maria Memon’s Podcast/YouTube

7. Digital learning and following TED Talks are great ways to brush up your skills

8. One of the more important career tips is the focus on why you switch jobs

He continued to talk about how salary can not be the only driving force behind switching to another job. Different individual values and the common values of an organization, or lack of opportunities to grow professionally, or even a ‘wrong’ profession are strong reasons for a candidate to consider the option of quitting and continuing at some other place.

9. Finding a mentor helps

Questions should be asked and guidance should be sought but one should NOT ask for reassurance in reference to their own solutions.

Source: Maria Memon’s Podcast/YouTube

10. Another one of the many important career tips: negotiate your salary at the time you’re being hired

It was explained that if a candidate believes that he or she is the right person for that job, then they should negotiate the salary when they are being hired, as employers have the flexibility at that time. It was said that once a candidate is hired, then asking for a raise in salary after a few months in isn’t seen as ideal. The best time to talk about the rise in salary is in the midterm or annual appraisal windows. In his words, “If you are focused on your job, money follows.”

11. Invest more time in personal development or self-learning

Source: Maria Memon’s Podcast/YouTube

Did these career tips help? If yes, you can continue to watch the whole video here. Let us know in the comments below if you found this to be helpful.


Cover image via Maria Memon’s Podcast/YouTube

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