11 Personality Traits That People Secretly DON'T Like About Aquarius Folks

By Sana Yasmeen | 11 Feb, 2021

Aquarius folks, did you know this?

The eccentric Aquarius might typically seem to get along well with almost everybody with a sunny smile on their face because of their go-with-the-flow nature but that’s not always the case. While it is indeed super fun to be around these independent and progressive individuals, they also happen to have some traits that aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Here is a list of all the things that other people don’t fancy in Aquarian folks:


1.  Aquarius folks are often said to be fairly detached and unemotional

Their habit of keeping everyone (except some rare exceptions) at bay makes Aquarians somewhat robotic and unemotional to others. Even though within, Aquarius folks may be a jumble of emotions waiting to burst, they don’t open up very quickly.  They take the longest out of all the zodiacs to warm up to new people and a part of them is always blocking them from letting somebody in. Some even call this “attitude” from them.

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2. Aquarians are VERY stubborn and hard-headed

If a hard-headed Aquarian can not physically cover their eyes and ears to avoid your voice and presence, chances are they have already mentally shut you from reaching them.  Despite considering themselves as open-minded, an argument with them usually feels like arguing with a brick wall as they are way too stubborn to even consider your point. This goes back to their earlier trait as well,  of keeping people at bay. Whenever Aquarians get into an argument, they immediately go back into their shells.

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3. They are pretty ‘unpredictable’

Because of their go-with-the-flow nature it is rather tough to put the finger on what an Aquarius will in various situations. They are highly unpredictable in nature with a tendency of being prone to lighting-bolt-like-outbursts, they may want to make plans but because they are a water sign, they usually go with wherever life’s “flow” takes them.

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4. Aquarius folks happen to have somewhat of a lack of empathy too

Now, this also has to do with them being a water sign. They aren’t known to be “grounded” because they remain in their shells. The more practical an Aquarian tries to be, the less sensitive they are to the emotions of others because they are so busy with the jumble of emotions inside them. Their inability to empathize with others can pretty often hurt the people who love them without them, even realizing it.

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5. While Aries people are infamous for being dramatic wait till you catch Aquarius folks in action

For a person with an Aquarius sign, it is ALL or NOTHING! Not only are they prone to breaking limits when they feel like it, but their emotions don’t know a middle ground either.  They feel too happy, too sad, or are too detached for anybody’s liking. These are again, water sign things and like a storm in the sea, their emotions can be extreme.

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6. An Aquarius in anger is best avoided at all costs

As we earlier said their emotions can be extreme… well, so can their anger – which is one emotion after all. When an Aquarius is angry, it is best if you do not come face to face with them at all. Not only will an Aquarian in anger be agitated, but this sign will also be sure to say the most hurtful and cruel things to the person in front of them. An angry Aquarius is wild and unsympathetic.

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7. Aquarius folks, undoubtedly, possess a streak of pessimism

Although this affects their own lives more than others, Aquarius people can be very pessimistic in nature. Their pessimism can be a stick in the mud to anybody’s mood. When they see a dark cloud, they usually fail to notice the silver lining and thus, often give up easily or feel “down” most of the times.

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8. Aquarius folks can hardly focus on ANYTHING

Aquarians have a hard time focusing and keeping their mind on one thing so you will find them zoning out during conversations or even in general too. Like we’ve said so many times, they live in their own shells. This, yet again, is a water sign trait. Because water keeps flowing so these people also are “flighty”, “flaky”, “spontaneous”, “extreme” just like water.

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9۔ Aquarians are VERY rebellious in nature

Now, all this water sign and being all over the place also means that these people aren’t exactly the best rule followers. Do not expect an Aquarian to do exactly what you told them to do! These individuals do not take no for an answer but they rarely ask for permission in the first place for that to happen.

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10. People under this sign are usually pretty impatient

For an Aquarius, it’s usually ‘now or never’ if they want something, as we’ve said. They lack patience and simply can not sit and wait for things to happen. At the cost of sounding like a broken record, might we say, just like water?

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11. This zodiac sign is paradoxical in nature and therefore so are Aquarius folks

Being shy, reserved, in their shell but also at the same time dramatic and extremely full of emotions like a stormy sea, Aquarisu people are quite the paradox.While a paradox might be pretty interesting, a paradoxical Aquarius can sometimes be in danger of turning into a hypocrite in no time. Their contradicting personality and hot-and-cold personality can leave the other person super frustrated.

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While these negative traits can be off-putting for some, they can be extremely passionate for others because there will never be a boring moment with an Aquarius. That is if you can make them let you inside their inner circle or hearts.

We still love all our Aquarins for how logical and fierce they are. Anyways, do you have any Aquarian friends who have these traits? Did we miss a point? Let us know in the comments below.


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