13 Seriously Intense Struggles You Understand If You Prefer Texting Instead Of Phone Calls

By Aam Nawab | 10 Feb, 2020

Do you hate phone calls, also?

Being someone who gets all anxious whenever they have to place an order via phone or have a call to attend, isn’t easy at all. Anxiety takes over and you do everything in your capacity to avoid the call, unless it’s a matter of life and death.

Here are some things you will be able to understand only if your prefer texts over phone calls. You are not alone, buddy.


1. You’d literally be on your phone 24/7 but as soon as it starts buzzing with any phone calls you get super anxious

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2. Messages like ‘can’t talk right now, what’s up?’ or ‘I’m in a meeting’ become your ultimate life saviors to avoid any phone calls

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3. You  prefer to order food online just so you don’t have to talk to the restaurant people

The mere idea of talking to somebody on phone for more than 30 seconds is enough to stoke your anxiety.

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4. You’ve asked your friends one-too-many times to make phone calls on your behalf and also talk by pretending it’s you

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5. You’ve been confronted by people who you’ve avoided phone calls of quite often

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6. Your co-workers, friends and even your boss is sick of you missing their important phone calls 

‘At least let us know where you are.’

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7. You avoid talking about how you have actual anxiety with phone calls whenever someone asks what your problem is

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8. You have used excuses like ‘my phone is all messed up’ or ‘I didn’t even get your call, what are you talking about’ a gazillion times

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9. People even assume you’re working so hard and are busy even though you are actually waila AF, because you avoid their calls

‘Bhae, bohat busy ho tum tou. Call bhi nahi uthati’

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10. If you have to talk on the phone your vocabulary is limited  to “hmmm” and “haan

That’s because you legit don’t know what to talk about. No matter how much of a social person you are in real life. Phones scare the shit out of you.

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11.  You may have even missed out on opportunities just because you were too afraid to talk to your potential employer on phone

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12. Unexpected phone calls are your worst nightmare

‘What if it’s an emergency?’

‘Omg, should I pick up or should I just let it go’

koi zaruri kaam hoga tou message kar dain gay, khair hai. I am not picking up.’

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13. You just wish that people (magically) become more understanding of your situation rather than judging you or without you having to spell it out for them 

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Stay strong, buddy. Text over phone, any day.


Cover Image Via: sanam.baloch.blogspot.com 

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