15 Actually Useful Presents You Can Send Your Loved Ones To Celebrate Eid In Quarantine This Year

By Maliha Khan | 15 May, 2020

Gift ideas for Eid in quarantine

So the reality of the matter is COVID-19 hamari jaan jaldi nahi chornay laga and social distancing will probably continue for a while. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Eid, does it? All we need to do is tweak our celebrations to be safe and… well, distant. So instead of being reckless and breaking the rules, just send your loved ones gifts this year.

So here’s a bunch of fun Eid gifts you can send your friends and family to celebrate Eid in quarantine:

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1. Instead of texting or sending emails, go old-school and send these Eid cards to make your loved ones’ quarantine a little cheerful

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Just include a simple message and some Eidi for the ultimate simple, old-school Eid present.


2. If cards a little too boring for you, another simple yet effective Eid present that is also useful during quarantine can be this Eid Mubarak Mug

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Something simple and extremely useful because we all love a little cuppa every few hours and every time your loved ones will use this mug they’ll remember you, and maybe even send some duaein because we definitely need those aaj kal.


3. For those of your loved ones who had plans for Haj or Umrah but won’t be able to do it this year, this Kaaba model showpiece could serve as a nice memento to keep on saving up for their goal

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Honestly, it’s the perfect piece of decor for any Muslim household.


4. This intricate sculpture with the 99 Names of Allah is a powerful gift, especially for these trying times when someone’s faith needs to be strengthened

Via amazon.com


5. These colorful scented candles will light up anyone’s quarantine life

Via amazon.com

A gift that could be useful to many different people.


6. This Eid-ul-Fitr Book is a fun yet educational Eid gift for kids in quarantine

Via amazon.com

The perfect book to teach kids about Eid-ul-Fitr.


7. If you’re looking to send something truly special to brighten someone’s Eid in quarantine, these custom Arabic name necklaces are ideal

Via amazon.com

Personalize it for anyone special and you can get them in rose-gold, gold plated and sterling silver options.


8. Keeping a journal or diary to make sense of and organize your chaotic thoughts in these times is especially recommended and what’s better than a simple journal is this Dua journal

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A place where the gift-receiver can reflect and look inwards.


9. This beautiful tasbeeh will add to the prayer experience for your loved one in quarantine

Via amazon.com

This unique tasbeeh will help everyone perform ibadaat wherever they’re quarantined.


10. Quarantine mein snacking bhi chal rahi hai ziada and this gourmet dried fruit box will make a perfect, healthier snacking option for your loved one

Via amazon.com

This box includes 16 pieces of delicious snacks and sweets.


11. Or how about this intricately carved Quran holder to keep the Holy Book safe while your loved ones do their daily tilawat

Via amazon.com


12. You can brighten up your loved ones’ chai time with this elegant Turkish tea set

Via amazon.com

This 27 piece set has got to be the most beautiful crockery for any big tea/coffee drinkers.


13. These beautiful henna art inspired candle holders will lend an exotic touch to your quarantine dinners

Via amazon.com

The perfect present for someone to help spice up their residence.


14. For the picky person who makes it hard to choose gifts for because they have very specific interests, this box of chocolates is ideal

Via amazon.com

You can never go wrong with a box of chocolate.


15. You know what? If nothing else works the most useful Eid gift that will actually come in handy in quarantine are these reusable masks

Via amazon.com

Let us know what you ended up ordering for your loved ones for this unique Eid.



Cover image via Dar Yasin via AP / amazon.com

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