23 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Actor Fahad Sheikh

By Alizeh Naushad Gheewala | 11 Mar, 2021

Fahad Sheikh is a Pakistani actor who started his career as a co-host on a PTV talk show, and has been acting for the past four years. The drama that happened to be a game-changer for him was Jalan. Currently, he’s playing the character of Safeer in Dunk.

Recently, Sajeer Shaikh from MangoBaaz got a chance to interview him and this is what we found out.

 1. Fahad Sheikh is not from Karachi.

Yup, he’s not from Karachi! He only moved to Karachi to become an actor.

 2. Talking about struggles, he struggled with the Urdu Language when delivering dialogues. 

As he is a Punjabi, it reflected when he would deliver Urdu dialogues – an issue that is still there but can be managed, all due to his hard work.

 3. Before joining the industry he was a “huge guy, bodybuilder type.”

Fahad talked about when he initially started off he didn’t know about the “norms” of the industry but has now gotten a hang of them.

Source: @imfahadsheikh / Instagram

4. He’s the lead of a digital feature film, “You..Me..Us” which is a love story set to release on Eid!

This feature film happens to be Pakistan’s first-ever digital feature film directed by Sohail Javed. It was shot right after the short film “Naam Kya Rakhna” which crossed 1.7 million views on YouTube and had Fahad Sheikh as the lead actor. You..Me..Us has no action – it’s a simple, straightforward love story. 

5. According to him, it was easier for him to stand out in Jalan compared to Dunk.

He believes that Jalan was his drama as it revolved around fewer people, thus making it possible for his character to be noticed and have an impact whereas Dunk comprises of a stellar star cast with the story revolving around more people thus making it more difficult for his character to grab the viewers’ attention. He feels Dunk to be the drama where he learned a lot from his co-actors..

6. He believes an actor can and should just act. Often, they don’t have the opportunity to choose but he eventually wants to get there.

“Actor ko actor hi rehnay dou”, he said. Talking about how actors do not often have a choice, Fahad expressed the desire to eventually get to the point where he can choose roles he wants to play.

Source: @imfahadsheikh / Instagram

7. He revealed that Bilal Abbas Khan happens to be his favorite co-star.

Fahad Sheikh doesn’t shy away from sharing with us his favorite actor who happens to be from the same lot. Impressed, aren’t we?

Source: @imfahadsheikh / Instagram

8. When asked about a challenging role he wants to take up, he said that he would love to play an “anti-hero, rule breaker”

 We would like to see him try on a role of this sort, wouldn’t we now? He is going to nail it, since he’s super talented.

9. If he had one superpower, it would be to fly.

Now that’s interesting! We wonder what he would do with this superpower.

10. Sonam Bajwa, an Indian-Punjabi actress, happens to be his celebrity crush.

He shared how his Indian fans have also showered love on him for his performance in Jalan. Fahad also pointed out the fact that we share a lot of similarities with our neighbors.

11. He’s had some pretty cool fan encounters

He shared that once he was in Shershah where a guy shouted “Jalan” to grab his attention. Now that is a cute fan moment but also hilarious, nahi?

12. Fahad Mustafa is like an elder brother to him

Fahad Mustafa was that one man who was there for him when he came to Karachi and trusted him enough to take a chance in him.

Source: @imfahadsheikh / Instagram

13. Mohsin Talat is his best wicketkeeper in the Big Bang cricket team.

We wonder what that is about? But it seems like our industry knows how to spend quality time together.

14. When asked about his favorite actor in the industry, he named Fahad Mustafa. 

Looks like these two men don’t only share a name, but also share a bond that is very strong.

15. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is the one Pakistani singer he would choose for a private concert for himself.

Makes sense, too. He is an absolute legend!

16. One thing that really irritates him is when someone lies to his face.

Don’t we all hate that! Looks like there’s someone in particular that has lied to Fahad Sheikh…

Source: @imfahadsheikh / Instagram

17. When asked about a daring thing he’s done he said that he loves to do things on “edge”.

He said he’s done a lot of crazy things in life and still continues to do so. An adventurous man indeed!

18. “Acting is never boring”, he said when asked about the best part of his field.

Fahad mentions how one gets to play different characters and live their story and improvise.

20. When asked about a common assumption about the industry, he said that everybody has a bad perception, but none of it is true.

He went on to say that reality is very different from what we see in the movies. He initially had the same misconception about the industry, but turns out, it actually was just a misconception.

Source: @imfahadsheikh / Instagram

21. An advice that he received that has stayed with him is to “keep working, learn the craft, and don’t try to be the hero”.

Kudos to whoever gave that advice!

 22. Fahad Sheikh does not mind being trolled

He feels that the person trolling you is spending their time on you, and that you’re always on their mind. Guess nobody had looked at it this way!

23. When asked about goals for 2021, he went on to say that he has no goals.

“Never plan and leave everything on Allah,” Fahad says. He feels that all he can hope for is to work and leave it all on God’s plan for how things pan out.

Source: @imfahadsheikh / Instagram

I bet you didn’t know all this!

You can watch Fahad Sheikh in conversation with Sajeer Shaikh on MangoBaaz here:


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