34 Of The Funniest Memes That 2020 Had To Offer

By Sarah Shaukat | 27 Dec, 2020

We are nearing the end of 2020 which has pretty much been dubbed as the worst year due to the disastrous COVID-19 crisis. Despite the lows, there were still incidents and people that kept our spirits high as we navigated through this difficult year. No matter how tough times were, the netizen’s meme game stayed on point and kept us entertained throughout the year. Let’s take a look at 34 of the funniest memes that kept social media buzzing and us laughing throughout the year!

1. Kokilaben’s rise to fame

Indian soaps are notorious for their illogical content and in 2020 one of them became famous for a whole other reason. Yup, we are talking about the ‘Rasode mein kaun tha’ video and the memes that followed. The tune is still stuck in our heads and it seems Kokilaben’s burning question will haunt us even for years to come.


2. Meray Pass Tum Ho aur Danish ki maut!

Whether you are updated about the Pakistani drama scene or not, one drama that everyone heard of this year was Humayun Saeed starrer Mere Paas Tum Ho. The drama’s craze was off the charts with the final episode even airing in cinemas. Almost every episode was followed by a meme fest from Danish’s wolf of wall street moment, to Mehwish getting slapped, to Mehwish and Shahwar’s scandalous hotel vacay, and lastly of course Danish’s death! Whether you liked the drama or not, the memes surely kept us all entertained!

3. The Maria B fiasco led to some epic memes

Remember when the uber-famous designer Maria B let her COVID positive staff travel to his village and there was an uproar? She released an explanation video that resulted in a meme goldmine. Here is our favorite one:

Source: Arbaz Baloch/ Pro Memers Pakistan
Source: @Arbaz Baloch/ Pro Memers Pakistan


4. Taher Shah

This year also saw another musical marvel by our very own ‘Eye to Eye’ famed Taher Shah. This time around Shah brought a single titled Farista which was literally the Urdu translation of his 2016 song ‘Angel’. People were quick to pick that and soon after the song released memes flooded the internet.


5. Ehd e Wafa’s Gulzar

Gulzar from Basti Malook in Ehd-e-Wafa won hearts with his honesty and hilarious dialogues. People could not stop making memes about him!


6. Sarah Khan and Falak Shabbir’s shaadi

2020 witnessed multiple celebs tying the knot but one wedding turned into a meme as well. It was Sarah Khan’s contagious smile at her wedding. The couple looked so good together and fans could not help but notice a constant smile in almost every picture. We thought it was absolutely adorbs yet people could not help but make memes about it! The wedding festivities kept social media buzzing for a few days and several memes emerged.

Sarah khan memes in 2020 | John cena, First john, 28 years old
Source: @khabeeesorat/Twitter

The duo were good sports as they appreciated the love and all the memes people were making.

Sarah khan cannot resist laughing 😆 when Falak is around her in 2020 | Pakistani actress, Actresses, Sarah
Source: @mothertips/Pinterest

7. Usman Mukhtar also became a meme

When the news about Sarah Khan and Falak Shabbir’s wedding surfaced, Usman Mukhtar memes started circulating with him being crowned the best rishta aunty of the drama industry.

Usman Mukhtar trolled with funny memes after Sarah Khan's engagement
Source: unknown

Usman starred opposite Naimal Khawar in Anaa soon after which Naimal tied the knot with Hamza Ali Abbasi. Later, he starred with Sarah Khan in Sabaat and she got hitched. Hence, came the memes! Mukhtar even hopped in and suggested he would come solo in the next serial so that he can get married himself.

Source: @mukhtarhoonmein/Instagram


8. PUBG ban

2020 was the year of incessant bans by different regulatory authorities. Fans resorted to memes as a coping mechanism. First, PUBG got banned by PTA which left many heartbroken aur kuch ka dard tu buhat he zyada tha!

9. The TikTok ban

Then came the Tik Tok ban which was celebrated by many but avid Tik Tok users were once again left speechless.

Tik Tok also got banned in India so naturally many joked about Pakistanis joining the club.

10. The Tinder ban

We almost forgot about this one but yes folks Tinder was also banned in Pakistan and gave netizens all the more reason to joke about how it was so unnecessary, considering hardly anyone ever uses it in Pakistan.

Even Obi chimed in to mock this ridiculous move

11. Possible YouTube ban

There were also rumors about a possible Youtube ban that didn’t happen but netizens imagined how the world would look like if it did,


12. “Sacrifice my own life for Pakistan”

A video of an event at a Pakistani school went viral where students expressed their love for the country and one student shouted ‘I will sacrifice my own life for Pakistan’. Politician Sehar Kamran was also present at the event and was extremely ecstatic to see such patriotism. The video went viral globally with many making TikTok videos on it including Mia Khalifa. But this one is our absolute favorite!


13. Pakistani ‘Money Heist’

The internet went into a frenzy over the possibility of a Pakistani Money Heist as star-studded pictures with 50 crores started making the rounds. Thankfully it was just an ad campaign for an e-commerce store but people surely got a kick out of the whole thing!

14. Yasir Hussain’s criticism over PTV airing Ertugrul

How can a year go by without Yasir Hussain not making a couple of controversial statements? This year the actor was offended by PTV endorsing a Turkish drama Dirilis Ertrugul. The drama garnered a massive fanbase so of course, Yasir had to face a lot of backlash for his statements. Some preferred expressing their sentiments in form of memes.

Source: divaonline.com

15. Halime Sultan

With the popularity of Dirilis Ertugrul the lead actors also got a lot of attention including some getting endorsements with local brands. Everyone’s favorite Halime Sultan a.k.a Esra Bilgic also bagged a couple of campaigns. Netizens had mixed feeling about it and many made memes on Halime bhabhi as well.

Source: @Salman40060916/Twitter

The Turkish actors being in the limelight didn’t bode well with many Pakistani celebs either who spoke against Ertugrul being aired as well. Memers didn’t let that go either

Halime Sultan

16. PSL

Before the pandemic started PSL was in full swing, and Pakistanis take their cricket very seriously! It all started with the PSL anthem….

Twitteratis Reaction On PSL Anthem
Source: @billaz132/Twitter

And the never-ending digs at Lahore Qalandars


 Lahore Qalandars
Source: bookitnow.pk

17. Tum Tum 

The PSL anthem wasn’t the only song Asim Azha got trolled for this year. The singer also released a single titled ‘Tum Tum’ featuring Areeka Haq, Raamis, Shamoon Ismail, Ali Gul Pir, and Hania Amir. The song became the butt of all jokes as the netizen brutally trolled it.

18. Asim Azhar getting friend-zoned

2020 doesn’t seem to be Asim’s year, besides the harsh criticism over his songs he also got friend-zoned by long time beau Hania Amir. People could not stop shipping Hania Amir and Asim Azhar for years but Hania declared Asim as her best friend during a live session with Aima Baig. The declaration sent social media into a frenzy and the emerging memes were just hilarious.

19. US election and Trump memes

The US Presidential elections took place this year and the whole world was vested in the outcome of the election. Desi Twitter didn’t disappoint at all and kept us entertained with hilarious tweets, and memes, by fake Donald Trump and Joe Biden accounts.



Some old conspiracy theories also resurfaced


But this video takes the cake!

20. Rehman Malik’s mix-up 

Politicians from all over the world sent in their congratulations to new President-elect Joe Biden. Senator Rehman Malik also jumped on the bandwagon but made a silly mistake. While congratulating Biden, Mr. Malik attached a picture of himself with former US President George Bush. He later took down his tweet but the Twitterati were quick to catch on and make memes of course!

21. Haris Rauf and Shaheen Afridi’s intimate moment

Haris Rauf and Shaheen Afridi’s moment of affection after Lahore Qalandar’s win in the PSL semi-final became a hilarious meme. The team has been brutally trolled for not performing and now when they surprisingly won, the scandalous jhappi between Haris and Shaheen had people’s attention.

22. Shafqat Mahmood

Federal Education Minister also became a meme when he announced the closure of schools and colleges in light of the ongoing pandemic.


23. Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari’s wedding

Weddings are usually a happy occasion. Even social media pours in love and well wishes for the new couple. But some weddings become memes, like Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari’s.

Source: @ameerhassan681/Twitter

24. Umar Akmal

Umar Akmal is famous for writing interesting captions and making typos, the most recent one was when he tweeted a picture with Abdur Razzak and wrote “mother from another brother”. Naturally, memes followed

25. Fahad Mustafa’s “fahashi” moment

Fahad Mustafa also got caught for immoral dressing during the Ramazan transmission of his show and Twitter brutally roasted him for his bold display of cleavage.


26. The CIE result nightmare

O-levels and A-levels kids had a massive breakdown as CIE announced ridiculous predicted grades. The internet totally lost it leading Cambridge to revise their decision.

27. Ertugrul 

One show that kept Pakistanis busy and the internet buzzing was the Turkish period drama Dirilis Ertugrul. The fanbase for this show is massive and there is a truckload of memes on the internet by now!

Source: @TalhaAhsanEsq/Twitter

28. Imran Khan and the lockdown

PM Imran Khan has been under fire for a lot of things as well and one thing Pakistanis couldn’t agree with was his reluctance towards a lockdown when coronavirus began spreading. He later eased off the lockdown despite the threat being very much real.

Source: @MemesofPakistan/Twitter

29. Jannat Mirza

The most followed Tik Tok star was caught up in troll brigade numerous times this year as well especially when TikTok got banned

30. Ali Xeeshan’s birthday look

The famous fashion designer Ali Xeeshan always tends to stand out with his ‘out of the box’ style statement. The man is the king of outrageous ootds and on his birthday his glasses turned quite a few heads.

31. Coronavirus and WhatsApp totkay

At the start of the pandemic, desi aunties and uncles fell for every other desi totka that came their way on WhatsApp. Corona ka elaaj tu nahe pata chala but many people sure did consume some crazy things like Sana Makki and garlic!

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says "Coronavirus CEXIT Ammi Ke Totkay"
Source: @halalmemes/Facebook

32. Coronavirus memes

Dealing with adversity one meme at a time, love at a time of corona reimagined!

Remember when mosques decided to say the Azaan every night?

Internet hits gold as Maria B memes pick up the game | The Express Tribune
Source: imgflip.com


33. Syra and Sheheryar’s sizzling photoshoot

Recently Syra Yousaf and Sheheryar Munawar did a photoshoot that was too hot to handle. The chemistry between the two was electrifying and people were totally shipping the duo. Some also decided to have some fun with the pictures hence emerged the ultimate crossover,

And this one

34. And, lastly, it’s only fair that Yashraj Mukhate capped the year off with THIS banger



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This year has been tough with so many things going downhill but even in these tough times, Pakistanis sense of humor remained untainted. With one month left we anticipate many more will follow undoubtedly. Which one of these is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below.


Cover image via sadafkanwal/Instagram and @yashrajmukhate/Instagram


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