54 Indian Army Border Security Officials Have Tested Positive For Coronavirus & They Could Infect Across The Border Too

By Noor | 4 May, 2020

Indian Army officials testing positive for coronavirus could be dangerous at the border

Coronavirus is continuing its spread across the South Asian region. The epicenter of coronavirus, Wuhan, a Chinese city, has been declared free of Covid-19 but the virus is now engulfing other parts of the world. Having wreaked havoc in Europe and the USA, now infections are increasing quickly in India and Pakistan. The situation with Indian Army personnel could be dangerous as it can cause spread across the border forces too.


54 Indian Army officers from the Indian border security force have tested positive for the coronavirus

Initially, the figure reported for the infected officers was 17 but upon further testing, the number increased to 54. According to reports, some of the officials who were tested positive were posted within the cities for the internal security of the state.

Source: aljazeera.com


The spread of the deadly virus in the subcontinent region has been gradual as only 2 percent of the population has been reported to be infected with the deadly virus, so far

Source: foreignpolicy.com


It is being hypothesized that the low number of cases indicates, among other possible factors, a lack of ability within both the governments to conduct more testing


Here’s a brief comparison which represents the position of India and Pakistan regarding the coronavirus testing within South and South East Asian countries

Source: worldometers.info


The governments on both sides of the border have imposed a lockdown to restrict the spread of the virus but residents on both sides of the border are not respecting the restrictions

Such reckless behavior by people is going to lead to a higher risk of spread of the virus that, if spikes, could be harder to control.

People, and authorities, on both sides of the border need to realize the severity of the situation and should take the alarming increase in the number of coronavirus infections more seriously. There’s dire need to impose strict social distancing rules, which may or may not include lockdowns but they definitely include making people forcefully respect the guidelines set by WHO regarding hygiene and distancing practices. It’s important to follow proper guidelines or else the number of coronavirus cases in the region would escalate much faster, making the situation worst than ever. We may be on opposite sides of the border but for this particular enemy, we have to stand united.

Stay safe and stay inside, everyone.


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