6 Ways Eid Was Different In Your Childhood Vs As An Adult

By Eman Sajjad | 10 Jul, 2022

Eid Mubarak to you all! Since Eid is upon us, I can’t help but think about how it used to be in our childhood versus what it is now as a teen or adult. But boy, have the times changed! Let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember what Eid was like in the good old days!

1. Deciding what to wear

How simple it used to be when mama would pick out the clothes, already ironed and you would wear them quietly even if she makes you wear that ugly turtleneck sweater under your clothes!!

Now… you spend forever looking for something to wear and eventually end up sweating like anything because now Eid is in the summers!

2. Waking up in the morning on Eid Day

Bachpan mein Chaand Raat meant being out with the family, buying bangles, and getting mehndi. You probably couldn’t sleep from the excitement of Eid being the next day anyway, but you wake up early and on time to get ready and look FAB!

Nowadays, you probably decided to stay in for Chaand Raat but didn’t sleep because you’re binge-watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S on Netflix. You’re probably the last to wake up in the morning and get ready, inevitably being late for everything.

3. Taking pictures

Mom would force everyone to stand in a line in the garden so she could take pictures, only for us to see the horrible outcome when the pictures would actually be developed a month later.

Lol, now it’s our mothers telling us to stop taking selfies because we are running late! But you have to take an infinite number of selfies to really capture your #EidLook in the best lighting

4. Saiwaiyan after Qurbani

You would get ready and anxiously wait for the saiwaiyan, gajar ka halwa, kheer, and all else to be ready so you can be the first to wolf it down!

But now YOU have to help prepare these because your mom is passing the chamach down to you! You still enjoy eating these sweets obviously saiwiyoon ke beghair bhi koi eid hoi??

5. Gathering with your family and ‘the aunty’ who keeps commenting…

You would go and say salaam to the guests in the nicest way possible in hopes of some pity Eidi (because no Eidi on Bakra Eid :/ )while aunty-jee asks “Beta, school main konsi position hai tumhari? Exam main kitnay marks aaey?” And when the day is over, your parents will lecture you ” Tumhay pata hai kay falanay kay beta/beti kay itnay ziada marks hain! Khud bhi kuch parh liya karo!” But we were too young to care about it!

Now you are serving food to your guests while, if you’re a female, they observe your potential bahu skills. While Eidi is pretty much out of the question, comments about looks are definitely not! ” Hai kitnay patlay/motay ho gaey ho beta! Exercise kiya karoo.” And of course, this goes for both males and females. Oh and let’s not forget the “what will you do after studies?” question!

6. Excitement of playing and taking care of Qurbani ka janwar 

Well… not gonna lie I used to and still do love to play with my Qurbani ka janwar and feed it with my own hands! What added to the list now is the mandatory pictures with the goats! :p

Sab kuch apni jaga but from laughing to relating to the “Yeh bhi koi Eid hoi bhai?” stays put!

How has your Eid changed over the years?

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