A New ”Period” Color Was Just Launched To Promote Awareness About Menstruation & It Has Started Quite A Colorful Debate

By Maryam Khalid | 30 Sep, 2020

Will this period color finally push period shaming out?

The stigma around menstruation is insane. There is so much shaming of even the mention of the word that even women in some parts of the world, ours in particular, become uncomfortable because they’ve been taught that it is a topic to be uncomfortable about. But the issue is, why exactly is that? Periods are a natural phenomenon that women have no control over to stop whenever they want. Also, it is thanks to the reproductive system that causes these periods that everyone is born so get your heads out of the gutter about over-sexualization of female bodies.

To fight this very stigma around the discussion of periods and period health, a new color was just launched.


Pantone just announced a Period color inspired by menstruation to help dispel stigma around the subject

Pantone is a New York-based organization that earned its recognition for curating color palettes. Right before the new year starts, Pantone releases what it thinks is going to be the ‘Color of the Year’. This color has an influential impact on everything, from fashion, architecture, to even the curtains that you are going to buy. Pantone also raises awareness around topics other of importance other than the ‘Color of the Year’ and now they’ve taken on periods.

We here at MangoBaaz have always championed the open discussion on menstruation because women deserve to breath and talk freely. Heck, we’ve even been called ”PeriodBaaz” for it lol. So it brings us great pride to learn that international organizations are helping promote similar values. The fact that an international fashion organization is introducing a period color in its palette is a great step towards embracing woman bodies in all their glory.

Source: Pantone/ Facebook


Pantone introduced the period color for more acceptance of this natural bodily function

They describe the new color as ”[a]n active and adventurous red hue, courageous ”Period” emboldens people who menstruate to feel proud of who they are.”

Presenting “Period”, a new red shade created to break the stigma around menstruation and promote period positivity….

Gepostet von Pantone am Dienstag, 29. September 2020


People are appreciating this step by Pantone to create a more aware society, about women’s bodies

Source: Pantone/ Facebook


They are also making jokes about how people will be uncomfortable in naming this color when they use it

But maybe that was the purpose anyway? To make the period discussion as normal as asking about the color of the furniture.

Source: Pantone/ Facebook


Some women are also pointing out that this period color by Pantone is not the ‘actual’ color of the period

Source: Pantone/ Facebook
Source: Pantone/ Facebook
Source: Pantone/ Facebook


Some skeptics were also raising questions about whether a marketing gimmick like this can abolish the stigma


And others had suggestions for more awareness around women’s bodies with colors 

Source: Pantone/ Facebook

No matter what the impact of this campaign actually is, it is great to know that some companies are actively striving to eradicate the menstruation stigma. We all have suffered for too long and we all need such positivity.

Here’s to hoping that menstruation does not remain a taboo in Pakistan as well and we are able to have healthy conversations. Kudos to Pantone for such an idea!

So what do you think of the new color? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover image via Pantone Color Institute / revelist.,com

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