After Pokémon Go, The Same Company Has Launched A Harry Potter Game And It's Absolutely Magical

By Rameeza Ahmad | 21 Jun, 2019

Harry Potter fans, the much awaited game is out!

After Pokémon Go became immensely popular for quite a while, the company behind the game Niantic started to think of other games that would capture the attention of the whole world. And apart from Pokémon, what is another global phenomenon that every millennial worth their salt has consumed in one way or the other? Of course, the answer is Harry Potter.


Harry Potter and the magical wizarding world is coming to life with this really cool game

The magical world of witchcraft and wizardry enchants millions of people around the world and building on that love for the series, Niantic decided to develop a similar game for Harry Potter. When news of a possible Harry Potter game started to make rounds on the internet, people were very excited.


The game has been released for both Android and iOS phones and is called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. It was supposed to be released today the 21st of June but was released a day earlier according to reports.


Fans are speculating that they chose to release it on June 20 because it has significance in the series; 20 June 1992 is when Harry completed his first year at Hogwarts

The game has features similar to Pokémon Go; using your real life surroundings for the game play. The players are employees at the Ministry of Magic who have been recruited by Harry Potter himself to help him solve a mystery. There is even an original character in the game who is not mentioned in the books; Constance Pickering who you are going to be helping as well.

The mystery is that there have been traces of magical energy detected in the muggle world. And throughout the game much beloved characters from the books make appearances to help you out. It’s honestly as if you’re revisiting old childhood friends.


And people are squealing with joy about the game

It is yet to be seen whether the game gains as much popularity as Pokémon Go did and whether it can sustain that popularity; something that Pokémon Go couldn’t exactly do.

Are you excited to play the game? Let us know in the comments below.


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