After This Lahori Couple Went Viral For All The Wrong Reasons, The Groom's Sister Has Spoken Up

By Maryam Khalid | 5 Feb, 2020

This Lahori couple is being accused of looking “too young” at their wedding

For the past two days, all of us had our socials flooded with the wedding pictures of a young couple. While nobody knew who they were, still everybody had got a lot to say about the couple. If you still don’t know about them, here’s a little background for you.


Asad and Nimra are a young Lahori couple who went viral for their wedding photos, recently

Claimed to be 18 years old, Asad and Nimra sent a lot of Pakistanis into gossip mode about the circumstances of their wedding, with people positing theories from child marriage to forced marriage to whatnot.

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Meet with the young adorable couple who is setting an example " Asad and Nimra " they are 18 years old and Nikahfied recently and now both will pursue their education together MashaAllah . The Groom's sister @zarpash_khan_ shares the story how they both get married in a Instagram post " To answer everyone’s questions – my younger brother went to my dad to talk about a girl he wanted to marry my day said yes no problem they went round to her house and asked for her hand in marriage and a year later as you can see they are married mashallah. we havent forced neither of them into this marriage and they ll both to move to oman and carry on with their studies together over there ❤️ they are happy kindly stop asking me questions now 😒 SWIPE ▶️ photograpy @moazzamphotography "

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The Lahori couple and their wedding stirred a debate on social media, with people expressing their concerns over the couple’s age


There were quite a few people body shaming Asad for being skinny


Interestingly, though quite a few people came to their defence after all the trolling and appreciated the Lahori couple

These people were of the opinion that it was a positive thing to see a young couple who were sure about their feelings for each other get married, in a legal way.


After all the intense trolling, the groom’s sister took to social media to defend her bhai and bhabhi

The groom’s sister, Zarpash Khan is a cosmetologist by profession and also a TikTok star.

Giving a shut-up call to all the trolls, Zarpash stated that the marriage was not forced. Instead, the couple and their families happily consented to it. Moreover, she also announced that the newly-weds will move to Oman and continue their studies there.


It’s 2020 and we should let people live their lives in peace. There’s nothing wrong with getting married early or late, as long as you love your partner. A society making peace with insane age differences within the couple should also accept younger people taking decisions for themselves. We extend our heartiest congratulations to the newlyweds.

So what do you think of this wedding? Let us know in the comments below.


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