Apple Just Launched The iPhone 12 Series With No Charger & People Can't Stop Trolling Them For It

By Sarmad Amer | 14 Oct, 2020

The iPhone 12 series just launched and it’s without a phone charger

The launch of a new iPhone is always a highly anticipated event. Fanboys and everywhere are eager to get their hands on the latest piece of tech from the Cupertino-based company. Well, this year’s iPhone 12 launch has been a very interesting event.


The launch of the iPhone 12 series has, yet again, managed to attract a lot of attention… as expected

The newest iPhone is a slight change from the last version, the iPhone 11, in terms of visuals. The base iPhone 12 and 12 mini models have two cameras like last year’s 11 and the Pro and Pro Max models have three cameras. Stylistically, it is more angular and people have noticed that it has borrowed design elements from the company’s own past models – particularly the iPhone 5 series.

But all that aside, people are fixating over two things as usual. The price tag of the phone and the major utility change that the iPhone brings almost every other year, now. In the past it removed the traditional headphone dock and now it has removed the phone charger from the box. The company claims that this is done keeping in view the “environmental effects” but honestly, it doesn’t really make much sense when people are now being forced to buy the charger separately which will come in its own packaging thereby costing much more than bundling the charger in the same box as the phone itself.


People are particularly pissed at the iPhone 12 series not having the phone charger


Some are calling the company’s claims of helping the environment a sham


Others believe this is just another move from the technology giant to make even more money on top of the already expensive iPhone 12 itself


There are those who are speculating what the future iPhones may remove from their boxes


The cost of the new iPhone is also what people are sweating about


Some are thinking of ways to collect the money for the phone


Others are concerned what their older Apple phones might be feeling like right now

In the past, there have been legal troubles for the company after it was revealed that they slow down their older models after announcing a new model of the iPhone, so of course people couldn’t let the opportunity to joke about that go.


But this guy knows, regardless of whatever shit people say about the company, come opening day there will be thousands, if not millions, of fanboys eager to get their hands on the latest iPhone

What do you think about the iPhone 12? If you’re able to sell your kidney, which version and color will you be buying? Let us know in the comments.


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