11 Important Tips To Remember If You Want An Aquarius To Fall In Love With You

By Nai Dulhan | 2 Feb, 2019

Want to make an Aquarius fall in love?

Lovers, ever wondered what your potential bae looks for in the apple of their eyes? Yeah, that’s a tough one really. But we’re here and since it is Aquarius season, we will tell you EXACTLY what your Aquarius bae looks for in their tango partner.

So here goes.


1. Pyaar… dosti hai when an Aquarius thinks about love

Aquarius is all about friendship and then love. Their definition of love is rather skewed and it is more like a “we’re friends with benefits” type of a thing, except, they’re loyal to you. Get it? They crave a deep friendship that will eventually blossom into love and commitment from both sides.

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2. Dimagh ki baat instead of dil ki baat

These people will be hella turned on if you have a meaningful and intellectually challenging conversation with them. Intelligence makes them go wild and they will want to know you more and talk to you more and more. This sign is not into the superficial traits such as pretty eyes or an hourglass figure. What they really look for in a partner is someone who is driven by philosophical thoughts and logical conversations which make the abstract look real and doable as well. So be prepared to have some pretty intense and intellectually engaging conversations with these people, if you plan to win their hearts.


3. Informed opinions in, khushamad and flattery out for an Aquarius to fall in love

An Aquarius will not fall for a person who has no personality or opinion. They will cringe at the thought of a “jee hazoor” person. Instead, they want someone who will voice their opinion and have their feet planted on the ground in terms of what they want out of a certain situation. If you’re planning to win their love through flattery and unnecessary attention, look elsewhere because they would rather date a person who will tell them, albeit politely, that they don’t for example, like your choice of political affiliation or anything for that matter.


4. Spontaneity is important for an Aquarius to fall in love

An Aquarius is full of zest and energy, and they love people who reflect the same. They will love it if you make a sudden dinner plan or a spontaneous plan to go to Murree for a day, chill and be back by night. Matlab, full last minute shughal mahol type scene.


5. Tameez, tehzeeb and the law

An Aquarius, no matter how open-minded they might seem, like to keep their life in check by being close to their culture and values. Apparently,

Source: Crystal B. Astrology

they might give off the non-conformist vibe but these two things define their principles in life and they will stick close to these, most of the time. In this regard, they value people who hold strong values and are not afraid to say no if something is against their principles.


6. Your collective swag has to match

Dressed to the nines themselves, an Aquarius loves to see their potential partner all up in their fashion game. This doesn’t mean you have to land to a date dressed up head to toe in designer shit. A nice pair of shoes, a statement necklace, a trendy haircut, or a nice jacket will make them go all gaga over you. It is all about looking pulled together and trendy, especially if it is for a date. They will not only like what they see but will also appreciate your effort to look good for your date together.


7. Loyalty is key

As crazy and emotionally detached they might be, an Aquarius is fiercely loyal and expects the same from you as well. True, they want their independence and space to do their own thing, but since they stick close to their culture and values, loyalty is something that will take the front seat for them in your relationship. So make sure you’re not two-timing them because things will probably get ugly if you get caught.

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8. You’ve got to have the urge to learn something new every now and then

An Aquarius realizes that whoever they meet would not have read all the books in the world or be the know-it-alls that they are usually attracted towards. What they do value, however, is your willingness and passion to learn something new all the time. It could be a new dish, or a new instrument, or even a new book – as long as you are learning and challenging yourself and your mind, they’ll think you’re pretty fly.


9. There has to be a method to your madness in order for an Aquarius to fall in love with you

As much as they want to have fun and be spontaneous, Aquarians are very organized and will fall for a person who has this trait. They like the law and the general order of things and hardly get in trouble with it. They will appreciate your clean desk or cupboard. They’ll find it super cute that you have a little book of recipes or a daily to-do list – honestly, that sort of shit turns anyone on, so an Aquarius isn’t much different. If you want to become an apple of their eye, get your crap together and show them you can organize a killer office party or manage to plan a fun day out with family or friends. If you do that, you’re a keeper!

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10. They need a listener

Aquarians love LOVE to talk. But hosla rukhain, they too take their time to open up about their feelings. If you gain their trust, these people will open up to you and talk on and on and on about everything and anything that they are passionate about. What you can do is to encourage them to share their feelings and make them comfortable to talk about their life with you. Once you’ve reached that level, they won’t stop talking to you and all you have to do really is listen.


11. For an Aquarius to fall in love they want someone who will take a second to gel into their squad

If you want an Aquarius to get close to you, you have to get closer to their crew. By closer, we don’t mean that you start calling up their friends randomly in the middle of the night. Instead, your adaptable and non-judgmental demeanor around those who matter the most to Aquarius will bring you in the limelight. The more flexible you are, the more attracted they are to you.

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So people, do you have an Aquarius bae? Can you get one based on these qualities? How accurate is this? Let us know in the comments below.


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