Ayeza Khan Just Slammed ”Dou Takkay Ki” Rumors That Men In Lahore Shouted At Her

By Maryam Khalid | 28 Feb, 2020

Ayeza Khan just slammed the rumors but that’s not all

Mere Pass Tum Ho had kept the audience glued to their television screens for a long time. It also became a topic of many important conversations – like whether it was promoting negative stereotypes about women or whether the writer was a minsogynst who shouldn’t be given as big a platform to air his extremely toxic opinions. While it may have ended a while ago, it doesn’t seem like conversations about it are ending any time soon.


Ayeza Khan found rumors circulating about her after a tweet went viral recently where it was claimed that the actress got “dou takkay ki aurat” shouted at her

Yesterday, a Twitter user narrated that people were allegedly shouting out the infamous dialogue upon seeing the actress at the Allama Iqbal airport in Lahore. Naturally, the tweet blew up and led to many people further calling out the problematic nature of the show that apparently seemed to have empowered the men to shout out the taunts at her.

Source: @itsthepianoguy / Twitter


Because many people further dissed the drama for allegedly putting Ayeza’s life at risk like this the actress responded to put things straight

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Ayeza Khan defended the drama and her character, Mehwish. She urged that people should not believe something without an evidence. She has been receiving immense love and she”ll keep on doing diverse characters.

Source: @ayezakhan.ak / Instagram

You’d think it stops there but you’d be wrong.


After Ayeza Khan slammed the rumors, the person who had originally shared the tweet responded to Ayeza’s statement

The person who originally tweeted about fans allegedly shouting at Ayeza said that he had clearly heard the men saying that but maybe the actress hadn’t heard it. He said that this incident happened while Ayeza was already walking quickly out of the airport and it appeared that she either didn’t hear the taunt or she chose to ignore it.

Source: @officialahmadbutt / Instagram


He apologized to Ayeza if his recollection of the incident and caused any personal distress to her

However, he continued that while this may have been a case of Ayeza not hearing the taunts or choosing to ignore them, similar taunts by men are directed toward many other women in public, whether online or offline. Therefore it is important to take notice of and call out behavior that is problematic.

Source: @officialahmadbutt / Instagram

Well, we can say that there are two sides to every story and while nothing may have happened in Ayeza’s case, it definitely needs to be the responsibility of the creators of art, literature and entertainment to understand the effects of their work. Impressionable people being affected by dramas and movies and trying to emulate that behavior in real life is an undeniable reality and the drama industry should become more cautious of what ideologies they are feeding the masses.


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Cover image via @ayezakhan.ak / Instagram

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