Beauty Blogger Amna Atiq Taking Her Own Life Is Making People Talk About Mental Health, But Is It Enough?

By Janita Tahir | 21 Sep, 2019

Recently, beauty blogger and Instagram makeup artist Amna Atiq, who was also the co-founder of a company called ‘Bonitaaz’ took her own life. Amna was 24-years-old, married, and had a young daughter.

Hours before her death she was seen online on Facebook participating in social media challenges. Then, sometime later, a friend of hers shared a post declaring her death that devastated all her fans.

Soon, her company’s official page also spoke up about it.

We are saddened and shocked by sudden demise of our co-founder, Amna Atiq. You are all requested to remember her in prayers.

Gepostet von Bonitaaz am Donnerstag, 19. September 2019


Amna had talked about struggling with depression before.

She also spoke up about bearing the trauma of dealing with a hostile home life. Amna talked about the abuse she was facing at the hands of her husband and how her father threatened to put her in a mental asylum if she filed for a divorce. In her last live session o Facebook before her death, she sounded extremely exhausted.

Many took to Twitter to mourn her death

People were shocked after her death and her fans grieved the immense loss. She was a makeup artist loved by many and her untimely demise left people desperately searching for answers. People on all social media platforms left comments beseeching anyone who knew more about the situation to keep them in the loop.

People thought society killed Amna Atiq – and really, that’s something we need to think about.

From her Facebook lives and Instagram stories, where Amna has shared her painful life experiences of an apathetic father and her suffering domestic abuse, people have come to think that society pushed her to her death. She said her husband was insecure about the fact that she was an independent, self earning woman and he took those insecurities out on her. Her father, scared about losing respect in society, refused to accept her back home and forced her to go back to the man who mentally tortured her.

It was stressed that parents should support their daughters in these tough times

People are infuriated at the thought that even in 2019, due to societal pressure and age-old norms, it’s difficult for a Pakistani woman to get a divorce and be welcomed back in her house. Parents should support their daughters in times like these because they are only one they can reach out to.

How important is “log kya kahienge?”




Waqar Zaka also made a video to speak up about it

He summarized Amna’s painful story and urged the people in her life – especially the men – to come forward and speak up for her circumstances. He said that any country where women aren’t given opportunities and appreciation to work will sink in disaster. He also urged girls and their families to properly investigate the men they are about to be joined in marriage with. He ended the video, once again urging the people who knew her to shed more light on the incident.

Despite surface awareness, it’s deeply tragic how mental illnesses are still not understood and accepted in our society. Moreover, the fact that we’re asked to tolerate abuse is simply absurd.




We urge you to raise your voice to create awareness about depression and mental illness. We can’t keep losing more people to suicide, simply because we refuse to take mental health and abuse seriously. Moreover, we urge you to reach out and seek professional help in case you’re going through something similar.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover image Via: Facebook/@Amna Atiq

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