Boxer Amir Khan And Faryal Makdhoom Just Celebrated Their Daughter's Birthday With A 1.5 Crore Rupees Party And People Are Ridiculing Them

By Haddiqua Siddiqui | 29 Jun, 2019

Boxer Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom put on the most lavish first birthday party for their second daughter, Alayna. Obviously it has triggered a bit of controversy with some people.


Faryal and Amir spent more than 1.5 crore rupees to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday

The couple splashed out a massive £75,000 to make sure their little princess had a party to remember. Well, she probably won’t because she has only turned one but, there will be pictures that she can always look back on.


It appeared no expense was spared on the event as the family took over the Macron Stadium in Bolton, UK for the rain forest-themed party

It is the same place they used for their £150,000 engagement party and eldest daughter Lamaisah’s £100,000 second birthday party.

There was a four-tiered cake, long tables decked out with flowers and candelabras as well as decorative palm trees. There were even swinging monkeys and other jungle creatures dotted around the venue to go according to the theme.



Source: @faryalmakhdoom / Instagram


Reportedly, Amir’s father said that they were not invited to the party but, it did not bother him or his wife

He even said the money used for the party could be used in a better place and cause. Of course, where there’s this family there has to be some drama after all.

There was no sign of the pair cutting corners at the soiree and people on Twitter were quick to come at the lavish display of wealth.


Some people thought that the party was tacky and not fancy


Others tried to mommy-shame Faryal’s priorities as a mother, which makes absolutely no sense

How is throwing a party for your child, to celebrate them a bad reflection on one’s parenting skills?


There was criticism for spending so much on a birthday party

What do you think about people’s reactions to Faryal and Amir celebrating their daughter’s birthday in such a lavish manner? Tell us in the comments below.


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Cover Image via @faryalmakhdoom / Instagram

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