Coke Studio's New Songs Just Aired And Here's What You All Had To Say

By MangoBaaz Studio | 12 Aug, 2017

Last week’s monumental rendition of Pakistan’s national anthem saw a sparkling glimpse of all the acts that are to perform in the highly anticipated 10th season of Coke Studio. And now, the first episode has at long last popped out with a bang, and boy oh boy was it brilliant.


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The episode dawned with the riveting ‘Allahu Akbar,’ by the eloquent Ahmed Jehanzeb and humble Shafqat Amanat Ali

The song sprouted with a confetti of Middle Eastern and South Asian influence along with soft speckles of violins and tablas. The duo’s vocal presence was really deep-felt, and to have such strapping men entwine their voices into a mystical Qawwali is really quite eminent.

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There is an amalgamate of moments throughout the song that does not overlap in the slightest – and this is the very essence of this humbly uplifting number that brims with an arcade of melodies.

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Have a listen below!


Subsequent was ‘Chaa Rahi Kaali Ghata’ that marks the hushed Amanat Ali’s return to the spotlight with Hina Nasrullah

The song blossoms into a desolate love, wrapped around Amanat Ali’s soft vocals and Hina Nasrullah’s ardently varied tone that breathes nostalgia set the entire song ablaze. A softer number than the prior ‘Allahu Akbar,’ Chaa Rahi Kaali Ghata’ is a gem.

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The song transitions in a captivating overlay as Hina belts out her striking vocals, pinned to Amanat’s husky resonance. It invokes an incredibly emphatic climax at this point (around 6:23) and has a fulfilling ending. Absolutely sublime!

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Listen now!


Momina Mustehsan and Danyal Zafar’s shimmering ‘Muntazir,’ was up next

This particular song marks Danyal’s imprint on Coke Studio, following his brother in full suit. The modern twist of ‘Muntazir’ has been penned by Strings, who have embedded their own roots deep within this melodious homage to love.

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The summer escapade this song embarks on is marvelous, and with Momina’s bubblegum vocals coupled with Danyal’s entrancing guitar solo, ‘Muntazir’ glows. And let’s face it, they do make a shimmering couple on screen!

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The episode closed with the soulful Ali Sethi who sang an ode to venerated Mehdi Hassan

Ranjish Hi Sahi,’ was originally penned by Ahmed Faraz and brought to vocal stardom by Mehdi Hassan. After Ali Sethi’s Umran Langiyaan, this song reminds us of just how well gelled he is in the comfort of Coke Studio.

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It’s carved to utter perfection. This tribute will be the first of many to sprout in this season, and it’s off to a stellar start.

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Listen to Mehdi Hassan’s tribute below


Pakistanis fell in love with the first episode,



What with having to wait an entire year for a new season!


Especially for the wonder Allahu Akbar

That had everyone going gaga!


And Ali Sethi’s rendition of ‘Ranjish Hi Sahi’

Who collectively agreed was a fitting tribute to the late Mehdi Hassan


Fans adored Hina Nasrullah and Amanat Ali’s gem that was the underdog of the night!

With some welcoming back Amanat Ali

And others not being able to hold their inner fangirl!

Danyal and Momina’s Muntazir garnered a lot of buzz too


With the two ‘new kids’ on the block giving everyone else a run for their money!


Were you freaking out about the first few songs? Did you also fall in love with Ali Sethi’s jacket? Did you completely girl crush over Momina and Danyals song? SAME. Let us know what you thought about everything in the comment section below!

This post has been made in partnership with Coke Studio.

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