13 Common Makeup Mistakes You Can Avoid To Look Flawless AF

By Maha Butt | 15 Aug, 2018

Loaded black eyeliners, horrible shades of red lipstick, cakey foundation and what not. Do you remember standing in front of the mirror and trying out those various looks since teens? All of us surely had at some point created our own makeup techniques. Thankfully YouTube tutorials became our saving grace. But we are certainly prone to making the following common makeup mistakes. Here’s what you can avoid in the future:

1. Applying makeup on dry skin

Source: puresthetics.com

Most of us make the common mistake of over-washing our faces and end up with flaky patches on the skin. Applying makeup on the dehydrated skin can make it look old and dull. Eventually, a foundation on this dry skin will highlight all the flaky patches. Foundation on a moisturized yet hydrated face is a must!

2. Choosing the wrong foundation

Source: beautyheaven.com.au

A foundation creates the texture of your skin and highlights features. Excessive foundation can give a caked up look. Choosing the right foundation based on your skin tone is always the wisest choice. A lighter foundation shade than your actual tone can become quite prominent. Most of us make the mistake of testing foundation shade on our wrist. The best way is to select two tones of foundation closest to skin tone and test them on the jawline. The shade that looks most natural will be your best choice!

3. Using expired makeup

Source: healthworks.my

Every makeup product comes with an expiry date. If you want to end up with a skin allergy or eye irritation then feel free to use expired makeup. Eyeliner or mascara should be replaced every 3 months. Lipsticks can last till a year once opened.

4. Using the wrong shade of blush

Source: everydayhealth.com

Blushes should give a natural reddish tone. Pairing a bold lipstick color with a dark blush can be unwise. Go for subtle blush shades such as peach. Avoid using the blush till the lower ends of your cheek. Focus on apples of cheeks and blend till temples for avoiding hard lines.

5. Selecting the wrong lipstick shade

Source: shughal.com

Lipsticks enhance your makeup. Applying a dark lipstick with dark eyeshadow may not always work. If opting for darker colors, go lighter with the rest of the makeup.

6. Forgetting to apply primer

Source: bustle.com

Most people do not even know regarding the existence of primers. Before the application of foundation, you are advised to apply a primer for your makeup to have a long-lasting hold. The skin texture will rather be hydrated and smoother. Similarly, an eyeshadow primer will reduce the risk of smearing and smudging of eyeshadow throughout the day. Lip primers shall not only help in bringing the original color of the lipstick but will allow it to stay on longer.

7. Using incorrect concealer shades

Source: musely.com

Too much concealer will only end up highlighting everything you want hidden. For under-eye choose concealer one or shades lighter than your skin tone.

8. Messing up your eyebrows

Source: musely.com

Yes, we all love Cara’s eyebrows. But using the correct eyebrow pencil and gel is important. Brunettes should choose an eyebrow pencil shade one or two tones lighter than their natural hair. While those with black hair make the mistake of sporting black brows. Dark brown shade for eyebrows is advised for them.

9. Applying too much face powder

Source: scoopwhoop.com

Applying face powder is effective to set your makeup. But this certainly doesn’t mean to apply it in generous amounts over the entire face.  If you overdo it, the cakey look will most certainly appear. Use light dusting when applying the first layer. For touch up throughout the day only apply in the area where it is needed, that is the T-Zone and cheeks.

10. Overloading your makeup

Source: shughal.com

Less is more. Not always, but usually.

With smoky eyes, rather nude shades will complement your look. Most people make the mistakes of loading up both the eyes and lips. Louder shades on the lips call for opting for a natural look. Matching your makeup to your clothes is not necessary. If your clothes are bright, use neutral palettes and avoid smearing of glitter.

11. The dreaded eyeliner

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Black eyeliner on a lighter skin tone gives a harsh look. For a lighter tone, brown liners are the correct choice. For a natural look use pencil liners rather than liquid. Matching eyeliner with the shape of your eye is essential.

12. Wearing dark lip liner with light lipstick

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Your lip liner should be just one shade darker than your lipstick. A lip liner defines your lips and gives them the fuller look. Yes, we are obsessed with the Kardashians but you shouldn’t necessarily over-emphasize the lips. (Hey, even Kylie’s going for a natural look now.)

Outline your lips with the liner in a way to shade your lips. The purpose is to blend and hold your lipstick. Filling lips with the liner will give a base to the lipstick.

13. Avoid spider lashes

Source: reddit.com

Applying more than two coats of mascara will make your eyelashes look clumpy. Don’t apply mascara the same way for lower lashes as in the case of upper lashes. The end result will be spider lashes. Apply waterproof mascara only in summer months as it may wear out your lashes.


Have you been making these makeup mistakes? It’s time to make some amends. Let us know if you know of more similar mistakes that can be avoided.


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