13 Things All Desi Parents Think You're Doing When You're Using Your Phone

By MangoBaaz Studio | 1 Sep, 2017

Desi parents tend to be a little dramatic which leads to them believing that almost all technology is evil. You usually get to hear insane taanay like “iss phone maa ki jaan chor dou” and that’s not even the worst of it. They believe that our phones with all the cool functionalities are the root cause of every problem that exists in our life. Haye.

Here are a few of the best lines you get to hear from your parents:


1. Gathering all the nazar by updating display photos 

If you have a nice phone like Infinix Note 4 which takes dope af photos, of course you’re going to share them with the world.

Source: Sony Music India / YouTube

Their logic is simple. You take a picture and upload it. A whole bunch of people see it. They give you buri nazar. And just like that, you’ve invited a whole bunch of bad luck. Can’t argue with this.


2. Inviting illnesses

Source: Sizzle

All that buri nazar translates to illnesses. Never mind the fact that you may be throwing up because of what you ate the other day. Don’t even bother mentioning any symptoms and their corresponding diagnosis. It’s because you’re always on your phone.


3. Being disrespectful

Source: Taher Shah / YouTube

Okay, maybe they do have a point here. It is kind of rude to be busy on your phone when anyone’s talking to you – especially your parents. Nazrein upar rakh ke baat karna is pretty important, I guess. You know, to really be able to see eye to eye.


4. Not eating right

Ammi: Khaana khaaya?

You: Nahi bas lene laga/lagi hoon.

Ammi: Bas phone pe lage raho chaubees ghantay.


Source: Deedle-Dee Productions


5. Failing to do well academically

Via: Tumblr

Is your academic life even complete without your parents blaming your phone for your low GPA or low grades? Forget the fact that you can access the world of information on your phone…things are so much simple. But, nope.


6. Getting involved in some shady business

Source: Sony Music India / YouTube

Regardless of what you’re really doing, if you’re alone in a room or are in the bathroom for too long – their minds will automatically drift towards what they consider to be the worst case scenario.


7. Secretly dating someone

Even if you’re talking to a friend or laughing at a meme, desi parents tend to have the same response:

…even if you’re basically just laughing at a meme about being “forever alone”


8. Setting yourselves up for being targets for predators

Source: A&B Entertainment

A vast majority of us were told that if we upload our pictures or give away too much personal information, some creepy online perv will track us down. While this may have been true to an extent, our parents still think this applies. The paranoia makes sense, of course. Par ab itnay bhi gaye guzray nahi hain hum. 


9. Casually heading towards blindness

Source: Oriental Films

How many times have we been told that hum andhay ho rahe hain because of our phones? Pretty sure this is one of the standard dialogues desi parents use.


10. Avoiding responsibilities

If you’re minding your own business and using your phone, you know what you’re not doing? Ghar ka kaam. The dhanya won’t buy itself. The chai won’t be made by itself either. You’ll never hear the end of it if you avoid your responsibilities.


11. Allowing yourselves to be spied on or tracked by murderers

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment

If I had a rupee for every time my father sent me a video on how my phone is tracking my movements, I could probably afford a phone that doesn’t actually track my movements.


12. Bringing shame upon the family name

Source: Oriental Films

You just can’t be up to any good if you’re always on your phone. Somehow, you will be dragging your khaandan ka naam through the mud. Whether it’s because of your selfies or your lack of social skills because of how addicted you are to your phone – you’re no stranger to the oft-repeated “haye Allah” and “thori toh sharam karlo.”


13. Somehow assisting in the process of their demise

“When I die, then you will realize.”

How do you go from using your phone to hearing this? Desi parent logic, of course.

Source: buzzfeed.com

Parents will be parents, you can’t live with them (duh, endless comedy) but you definitely can’t live without them.


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