Fahad Mustafa Tried To Troll TikTok But Pakistanis Are Dragging Him Ruthlessly

By Noor | 31 Dec, 2019

Fahad Mustafa ne TikTok fans se panga le liya

There has been an exponential increase in the craze of the TikTok in 2019. This viral platform is one of the most-used apps of the year and by now, everyone’s pretty aware of what the app offers, and how it allows users to showcase their ‘acting’ skills and become overnight stars. The extreme popularity of TikTok hasn’t been received so well by some… “old school” folks and actor Fahad Mustafa just happens to be one of them.


Fahad Mustafa went after TikTok when he requested parents to keep their kids away from it

The actor mentioned that the parents should be careful and not let their kids use this app. He further talked about that the entire nation is busy doing ‘nothing’.


People on social media were quick to point out that while Fahad Mustafa lashed at TikTok but the game show he hosts is equally unproductive and humiliating, if not more so

There has been recent controversy over Jeeto Pakistan, the game show that Fahad hosts, allegedly manipulating innocent audience members for ratings.


This quickly turned into a Fahad Mustafa vs TikTok competition with people roasting the actor

They drew funny comparisons between Fahad’s Jeeto Pakistan and the Tiktok app.


People argued that kids should be kept away from Fahad’s show


Others in this debate questioned what gave Fahad the authority to call young people’s activities as bullshit

They asked if the ‘productivity’ of Jeeto Pakistan was producing scientists and researchers.


Some kind folks even tried to explain to Fahad Mustafa how TikTok is actually helping a large number of people earn money and is productive for them 

Do you support Fahad in thinking that TikTok is not a productive app or do you actually know what the TikTok community of Pakistan, and beyond is actually like? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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