Fellow Ammis, Here Are 11 Ways To Treat Yourself When Your Baby FINALLY Goes To Sleep

By Nai Dulhan | 25 May, 2019

Ammis, we know how freaking hard it is to get your baby or toddler to sleep. Whether it is their midday nap time, or bedtime at night, getting them kids to sleep is a war of its own.

But you know and we know, what the silliest and mind-numbing thing is? You have no idea WHAT to do with yourself when they’re finally asleep. Like, what do you do? Do you stare into space and just spend your time in awe of your sheer luck? And before you snap out of this unbelievable situation, there they are, beady eyes wide open and two teeth smiling up at you. And you’re like, “Crap, should have done something with my time.”

So for next nap/bedtime’s sake, here are 11 things you can do as soon as your naughty munchkin goes to sleep.

1. Catch up on some much-needed sleep

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Admit it, when was the last time you slept uninterrupted? Umm, we bet you can’t even remember right? Right. So if your baby is old enough to sleep for a good 2-3 hour stretch, we suggest you hit the same home run and go to sleep too. Because hello, people? Sleep > Any joy in the world. FACT.

2. DIY Spa date, with ya girl: yourself.

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Hello, yes! Your tired AF skin needs some lovin’ too. Don’t be showing all that TLC to your baby’s skin when your skin could also need some attention. Make a DIY face or hair mask, learn to do a manicure and a pedicure at home, or just take a loonnnggg, hot shower and get all those tired muscles relaxed. Trust us, you will feel super new and refreshed when the baby wakes up. Plus, it will boost your mood and self-confidence too.

3. Read, and read some more

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If you’re one of those mommies who miss reading, just because the baby came along – well, you can and should catch up on your reading when the baby sleeps. This way, you’ll not only be near the baby, but you will also be able to satisfy your inner book worm. Plus, it’s super calming so there you go!

4. Indulge in some therapeutic cleaning

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You know, some people actually enjoy cleaning! And if you’re one of those mommies, the baby’s nap time is the perfect time for you to just indulge in some wholehearted, cleaning marathon. Go ahead and arrange those cupboards, wash them piles of dishes, finish that load of laundry in peace and just enjoy not having a little ball of mess throwing anything and everything on the floor, literally two minutes after you’ve cleaned it!

5. Call your bestie to whine about life

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Nothing beats a good ol’ gossip sesh with your homegirl. So as soon as the baby sleeps, call her up and just give her a low down on your life, and indulge in some advice-giving time with each other. It is so important and therapeutic for every mom to be able to unwind with another female who understands and cares.

6. Eat an entire meal without having a little person pressurizing you into sharing it

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You teach your child to share everything, without realizing that they will expect the same from you as well. And that’s fine bruh, until you have to share your food with them. They will stare you down and make you feel bad until you just say, “Okay, screw it, little person, take it, it’s yours. EAT IT!” So, next time, to save yourself the drama, tantrums, and tears, just order or cook your favorite meal and have it all alone. Guilt-free!

7. Binge watch some YouTube or Netflix

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Imagine this: Baby asleep, you, your snack, Netflix and chill (Bonus: Does NOT require the husband). Yeh hue na baat!

8. Work on your fitness with a short workout routine

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Hit the treadmill, or just YouTube a workout that you can do at home. It will leave you happy and refreshed. Tip: Make sure you keep some time aside for a quick shower before the baby wakes up. Even your baby doesn’t enjoy smelly pits.

9. Work  and earn from the luxury of your home 

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Ladies, you can be a stay at home mom AND earn for yourself too. Get an online job where you have flexible working hours and make the most of your time by working and earning while the baby is asleep. Remember, anything is possible if you put your mind to it. After all, it is the age of the internet and you CAN earn from home and enjoy your hard earned money! On that note, new Coach handbag, here I come!

10. Plan and execute a “play-date” with your husband.

Source: www.weheartit.com

Do we even need to explain this? Aqalmand ko ishara he kaafi hai 😉

11. Sit on the sofa and just space out because you can  

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Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to just sit and stare at the ceiling and just be. Soak in and enjoy the quiet. Hear your breathing and just be at peace that there is no one climbing on top of you, or throwing a tantrum over a balloon.

Ladies, there you have it. 11 totally legal and doable things while your bundle of joy sleeps. What do you do during nap/bedtimes? Let us know in the comments below.


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