Would You Pay 12 Lakh Rupees For These Grapes? Well, Someone in Japan Just Did

By Sarmad Amer | 8 Jul, 2016

You may like them or you may not, but never did you ever think that grapes would burn a hole in your pocket that sets you back 12 whole lakhs, did you?


These babies were just sold in Japan for $11000 in an auction


Japanese people apparently love grapes so much they pay big money for the best ones

Source: The Telegraph

These are a grape variety called ‘Ruby Roman’ grapes. Takamara Konishi, a Japanese supermarket owner paid 1.1 million yen for 30 of these grapes because they were the first ones of the season and this guy wanted his shop to be the first one to offer it.

Japanese people are known for their willingness to pay very high sums of money to buy the best quality fruits. BBC reported that last year a single melon was sold for $12000 and apples can sell for as high as $3 for a single apple.


Interestingly, the buyer will be giving these grapes to his customers for free


So if you want to taste what one grape worth more than $350 tastes like, you might want to book a trip to Japan right now.

According to the Wall Street Journal, retail prices for these grapes start at 25,000 yen a bunch, depending on the quality. Since 2008 this particular variety of grapes has been selling at auctions for exorbitant amounts and breaking sales records in Japan every year, since.

Don’t you think we’re all stuck in the wrong business?

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