All The Times Guys In Shalwar Kameez Made Us Ladies Go MashAllah

By MangoBaaz Studio | 21 May, 2017

No matter how much we love our burger baes, there is nothing that comes close to how good our very own Desi men look in shalwar kameez. In their navvy’s, whites, creams and uff the classic black – there’s only one word that we can use to do these lovely men justice, MashAllah. Just, ugh, MashAllah.

Let’s just take a look, shall we?

Exhibit A(mazing) – Fawad Khan

Source: Ispokebespoke

Exhibit B(eautiful) – Ali Rehman Khan

Via: Pinterest

Exhibit C(ute) – Osman Khalid Butt

Via: Dawn Images

And thanks to Gul Ahmed, we  can show you more. Why don’t you just take a look at these pictures and make your day/night/life just a little bit better because – wow, mashAllah:

I’m sorry, but do you see that detail?

Source: Gul Ahmed

Please don’t miss that crisp istree job, mashAllah.

Via: Deenga

Just LOOK how shareef and tameez daar these shalwar kameez baes look, MashAllah.

Via: Gul Ahmed

Like, kabool hai. Am I right ladies?

Don’t worry, nothing on that menu is going to be as hot as you and your shalwar kameez bby. MashAllah.

Via: Gul Ahmed

Don’t care where that rickshaw is going, all I know is that we all need to be in it if this shalwar kameez’d love is driving, MashAllah. 

Via: Gul Ahmed

Maybe he can make a pit stop to Gul Ahmed to get their new unstitched collection. You know, so we can all mashAllah some more.

Via: Deenga

Ohh what we’d give to be a flower on that kameez, mashAllah. 

Via: Gul Ahmed

Wow can’t stop staring, mashAllah, mashAllah.

Via: Deenga

Ugh, everyone needs to get a man that can do both and guess what? Thanks to Gul Ahmed, you can with their new unstitched collection.

Via: Gul Ahmed

Uff, can’t handle it. MashAllah.

Nothing can beat a classic navy shalwar kameez. Just look at bae, probably staring at our future together. MashAllah.  

Via: Gul Ahmed

Bae might be in Italy but his shalwar kameez is Rome-ing around my heart. MashAllah. 

Via: Gul Ahmed

Please, stay beautiful.

Via: Deenga

Uff here’s to hoping these shalwar kameez babes will stay shalwar kameez’d forever. Thank you for looking so beautiful for all us ladies, may you look this good forever mashAllah, inshAllah.

This post was sponsored by Gul Ahmed.

Want your bae to look this good this coming Eid? Don’t worry, Gul Ahmed has got you covered (literally) and with their new Presidential, Poplin and Bonvista styles, he’ll look all kinds of mashAllah. The new Men’s Unstitched Collection is just what you need.

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