Hair Frizz Ruining Your Summer Fun? Here’s The Perfect Hair Routine with Pantene!

By MangoBaaz Studio | 18 Jun, 2022

Summer is the perfect time to let your hair down, experiment with new looks, and be yourself! It is the season of optimism, positivity, and joy! The season where everything reaches its full potential.

Then why do we dread it so? One word, FRIZZY HAIR.

Pretty sure you experienced the struggles, headaches, and tears because your hair refuses to tame down! The picture-perfect selfies were deleted because your hair cannot behave. All those get-togethers turned into a fretting mess because your hair just DOES NOT want to cooperate, and your perfect summer day turns into a hair nightmare!


Well… It’s Not Your Hair, It’s The FRIZZ.

With all the breeze, festivities, and fun activities come dust, heat, and humidity. A girl’s not so best friend! Forcing you to pick ponytails and buns over all the hairstyling fun! Making you turn towards hats and summer caps instead of letting them down.

How do you enjoy a frizz-free summer? How to make sure you have what your hair needs? What can be the ultimate solution?


The ‘Perfect’ Anti-Frizz Routine For Summers!

We know summers in Pakistan are harsh which is why we must understand our hair needs. It’s essential to make a habit of giving it special care and attention. A proper routine! To help it grow healthier, shine better, and get rid of that frizz. But no need to worry besties! Here is the perfect hair routine that will put your frizz worries at ease!

Step 01: Your Hair’s Best Friend, Pantene Goodbye Summer Frizz Collection!

It seems quite unlikely, but the perfect shampoo can become your hair’s best friend the trick is to find the right one! Pantene’s Goodbye Summer Frizz collection works wonders! If there is a perfect frizz solution that, is it. The 3 step range includes:

o          Shampoo: Cleanses your hair and prepares for moisture absorption

o          Conditioner: Deeply moisturize your hair for frizz control

o          Oil Replacement: Locks in moisture for 72-hr fizz-free hair on the go.

Step 02: Get That Summer Trim!

Nothing makes your hair more refreshed than a good trim! It is important to let the split ends go so your hair can regrow. Trimming makes your hair healthier and more alive. It helps them against damage, sun, and sand.

Step 03: Reduce the Heating tools!

Your hair is already exposed to the daily heat in the summers and the air dries quickly. Using heating tools frequently dries it further making your hair drier and its texture rougher. So, give your hair and heating tool a break and embrace the natural air!

Step 04: Wide-tooth Comb over Brush!

While untangling the hair with a brush tends to pull and tear your hair when brushing damaging your hair in the process. Wide-tooth combs are gentler when it comes to untangling hair especially when wet as they are more prone to breaking.

Step 05: Ditch the Frizz with serums!

Last but not the least, make use of Pantene’s Goodbye Summer Frizz Oil Replacement. Added hair care adds more to your protection against frizz, giving your hair the nourishment, it needs. They keep your hair soft, moisturized, shiny, and frizz-free!

Make sure to follow this routine to avoid frizz worries and enjoy your summers fully!

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