This Girl From Bahawalpur Is Speaking Out After Her “Secret” Husband Refused To Accept Her In Front Of His Family

By Alveena Jadoon | 13 Nov, 2017

They say marriage is a gamble what with you not knowing how your in-laws will treat you and your husband or wife will turn out to be. Lots of young people are especially scared of getting married, without getting to know their potential partner because of the very struggle of not knowing what their future holds.

This girl from Bahawalpur is suffering an ordeal at the hands of her “secret” husband that is an eye-opener for all

Huma Asghar is an actress from Bahawalpur and her heartbreaking story is making rounds on social media. She took to Facebook yesterday to talk about her marriage. According to her, she used to take music classes from a guy.

He expressed his feelings for her and asked her if she would be willing to marry him. Huma talked to her parents and they gave their consent for the marriage. But the guy’s parents refused to let them marry. She waited for the guy for over a year and half, during which time he fooled her by arranging a fake Nikkah. Even though there was a cleric and a witness, there was no documentation to prove the marriage. Another year went by, after which she decide to cut off ties with him for a month. He contacted her again and apologized. He then took her to court and legally married her.

After she managed to get him to accept her in front of his family, he ran away after looting her of everything

He then took her to a house he had rented instead of taking her to his parents’ house. That was because they did not approve of their marriage. But what he did next is extremely evil. He collected all of the dowry that Huma’s parents had given her,  along with her laptop and ran away. She has now filed a complaint against him at the local police station and is using her Facebook fan following to ensure that she gets justice.

Mera haq mehar 5 lacks h15000 mahana kharch50,00000 chorne ya dusri shadi kre per dne hongyWo muje apna b nae rha…

Posted by Huma Asghar on Sonntag, 12. November 2017


She has shared all text messages and correspondence with her husband, too

Sikandr ne mujhe boht pyar dia h khayal rkha h nikah hne se le kr us k parents k muje marne ki dhmki dne se pehle…

Posted by Huma Asghar on Sonntag, 12. November 2017


People on social media reacted to her cries for help

Many of them think that her husband is in the wrong, while others are asking her to be brave and take this challenge that life has thrown her way, in her stride.

Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook


Some are wishing bad luck on the guy and his family for their actions against Huma

Via: Facebook


She says that her husband right now is threatening to kill her and her family for bringing up the issue on social media

Huma says she has reached out to everyone she possibly can and is constantly updating those following the story.

Sochal media, media r police hr tarf se muje help mil rai h…r insaf krne wala Allah h …hmara nikah krna na uski…

Posted by Huma Asghar on Sonntag, 12. November 2017


She has raised a very valid concern while sharing her story and it affects all the women out there. And that is

Lrki apne sth zyadti hne b mashre m bdnami k dr se p jati h sb…lekn agy ana chahiye ta k jo us k sth wo kisi r k sth na hoapne sth dhoka krne se behtr h k dhoka krne walon ko sbq sikhao…

Posted by Huma Asghar on Sonntag, 12. November 2017


Her ordeal does make you rethink your decisions.

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