Here Are The Biggest Moments From The Second Last Episode Of ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho'

By Anoosha Rehan | 12 Jan, 2020

Mere Paas Tum Ho has been a ride. But one thing we know for sure is that from all the lows and highs it experienced, the drama serial successfully caught the audience’s attention for the longest time. As the drama is heading towards its end, we can expect nothing but the continuity of the same.

Mere Paas Tum Ho has a distinct way of showcasing love, cheating, heartbreak and even having a taste of one’s own medicine. Now that it’s ending, it’s come full circle.

While explaining love to her, Hania’s friend says, “Yaad rakhna Hania, jaan nikal jaanay wali maut say woh maut bohat burri houtee hai jis mein pyaar kernay waala zindagi say nikal jaae.”

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After buying the same house she lived in, Mehwish explained her life-long punishment by saying, “Bas yehi final saza hai meri. Mein pal pal ussay yaad kiya karoun, aur woh kabhi mujhay yaad na keray.”

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She further went on to say, “Menay ussay itnay dukh diye hain Ayesha, itnay zakhm lagaye hain, kay ab unn kee nadamat mein aansoo bahanay lagoon toh baaqi kee saari raatein guzar jaaein.”

“Meray paas toh zindagi guzarnay kay liye bas yehi yaad kerlena kaafi hai kay woh tarrap ker mujhsay kaha kerta tha, ‘mere paas tum ho,'” she added.

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Shahwar and his wife had ‘the talk’ about what Shahwar’s real position was and Shahwar couldn’t have had it coming any better.

“Chalou ab jaaou.”

“Tum nahin jaaou gee?”

“Nahin. Pehlay staff. Tum hee toh kehtay thay chairperson kou aik ghantay baad mein aana chahye. Tum bhee toh aik ghanta late jaaya kertay thay.”

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It did not end here. She further made it clear to Shahwar that he’s now in the same place where it all started.

Menay soucha kay tumhay baar baar batana na parray kay ab tum kis category mein fall kertay hou. Chairman kee kursi say giray hou toh kahan aagye hougay.”

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In a heartbreaking conversation with her neighbor, Mehwish expressed, “Khair, tum toh bas burray thay, bewafa nahin thay. Bewafai phulbehri kee tarha houtee hai, Monty. Theek bhee houjae toh usskay nishaan reh jaatay hain.”

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In a conversation with his wife, Monty responded, “Shaadi mein houtee hai talaaq, muhabbat mein nahin houtee. Iss mein mard badlanay kay liye sirf bewafai houtee hai. Aur bewafai mein maafi houjaae toh mard Khuda na houjae? Bas, woh Khuda hounay say darr gya hai.”

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With a further unconventional turn of events, Hania went to Danish’s house with an engagement ring.

After giving it to him, she said, “Pehan ker phone kjijye ga mujhay. Nahin toh mein samjh loon gee kay ap nay apnay abba jee kee baat nahin maani.”

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And, get this – Danish wore it.

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When talking about Mehwish, Danish said, “Apnay jalay huwe khoon say kahani likh raha hoon. Likh raha hoon kay chalou bewafai uss ka haqq hai, haqq ussnay istamal kerlia hai toh ab haqq na jaataye mujh per.” 

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And well, they might have foreshadowed the ending.

“Aur ab mein marr bhee jaaon toh samjhna mein marra nahin hoon, isskay ander dhoondna mujhay,” says Danish while talking to Hania about Roomi.

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This drama has an exceptional way with words and we cannot deny it. It has managed to hook the audience from the first episode till the second last one. We hope the ending doesn’t disappoint us. What do you think about the episode? Share with us in the comments below.



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