Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Messy Drama Between Zoya Nasir & Christian Betzmann

By Noor | 23 May, 2021

German vlogger, Christian Betzmann, was recently making headlines because of his controversial stance regarding Palestine and his irrelevant comparison between the Palestine issue and the internal problems of Pakistan. The vlogger recently converted to Islam and was engaged to Zoya Nasir, a Pakistani actress, who called off the engagement due to his insensitive remarks regarding the Palestinians.

Zoya Nasir and Christian Betzmann were together for quite a while now and the couple was all set to get married

Amidst the ongoing attacks in Palestine by Israeli forces, Christian Betzmann talked about the issue by saying that merely posting about the Palestine issue on social media platforms won’t make any difference

The vlogger continued to compare the Palestinians dying due to the atrocities committed by the Israeli armed forces with the Pakistanis dying because of contaminated water. People confronted the vlogger, but he was adamant to prove himself right.

Source: @meowznah/Instagram

Affected by the statement and the stance held by Christian Betzmann, his fiance, Zoya Nasir, broke off the engagement via a public announcement using her official social media account

In Zoya’s words,” It’s with a heavy heart I’m announcing that Christian Betzmann and I are no longer engaged to be married.”

While explaining the reason behind calling it off, the actress said, “His sudden change in stance towards the values and culture of my people and country led me to take this decision.” She further said, “certain religious and social boundaries that can’t be crossed no matter what, hence, the decision to part ways.”

Zoya Nasir wished Christian a bright future and requested privacy from everyone to deal with the ongoing situation in her life.

A lot of people on the internet praised Zoya for taking such a brave step

They were happy to see that Zoya Nasir had taken such a huge step for her beliefs

Shahveer Jafry also comforted Zoya by tweeting that they all are there for her support

However, allegations surfaced that Zoya Nasir herself broke the engagement off as an alleged “publicity stunt” 

A fraction of social media users accused both the celebrities of planning this out. They said that both of them achieved what they wanted to get out of this. Screenshots of Zoya gathering bloggers for a paid trend were shared on several social media platforms but still, details regarding the trend are missing in the screenshot. Therefore, it cannot be concluded with certainty if this was the same engagement trend.


Christian has released a statement giving an “explanation” of his stance and after losing more than 30 thousand followers on Instagram since his opinion on the whole Palestinian issue

Source: @christianbetzmann / Instagram
Source: @christianbetzmann / Instagram
Source: @christianbetzmann / Instagram
Source: @christianbetzmann / Instagram
Source: @christianbetzmann / Instagram
Source: @christianbetzmann / Instagram


In what seemed like a shade at Zoya’s statement about breaking their engagement, Christian also responded to a comment in these words

This is the situation so far. What are your thoughts regarding all of this? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via @christianbetzmann/Instagram

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