Here’s What Your Horoscope Says About This Week For You | 19th November-25th November 2018

By Nai Dulhan | 19 Nov, 2018

Hey guys, we’re back with your weekly horoscope. Let’s see what’s in store for you in the week of 19th November to 25th November 2018.


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If you’re an Aries, this week you should try to avoid becoming a sur dard for other people, especially when it comes to issues related to material possessions or real estate. If you remain patient and play your cards right, there is a possibility that you might benefit from the way things unfold. This week you might surprise yourself pleasantly with a sudden impulse gift or purchase. On the whole, this week will revolve around the material things you possess.

During the week, you will get in the mood of hosting a get-together with your friends or family.  Psst, don’t forget the biryani. This week will also experience conversations about important family or business related issues. Be sure to maintain your patience. Upsetting news about someone who is near and dear to your heart, be it a public personality, will shake you up. But hosla rukh ke agay ka sochna hai, peechay ka nahi. Good Luck!


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People born under the influence of Taurus, if your sixth sense is telling you that there is trouble in paradise with your friends, jiggar, it is time you get your act together and start nurturing these precious relationships. Early on in the week, your biggest tool of survival is tolerance and patience. Don’t indulge in mindless backlash or arguments over situations that will only win you the battle and not the real war.

The middle of the week seems to indicate a music-related evening or gathering – a good time to invite someone who you haven’t spoken to in a while but is important to you. Trust us, you’ll have a blast! The end of the week seems do-able as no major obstacles seem to create a blockade between your happy place and you. A trip to the mall will refresh your spirit, but please spend wisely. Gifts, both literal and figurative, are expected to come your way!


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People of the Gemini star sign, be careful to stir up controversy with your off the sleeve comments because it might hurt one of your friends. Ouch, bhai mazaak ka toh zamana he nahi hai. If you think that you may have, indeed hurt a friend, just talk it out with them and get it off the list of things that will add to the stress of the week. Pehlay kam maslay hain life mai? The middle of the week seems a little tough as it will be difficult to make your family understand your point of view, but then again, isn’t that all week, all month and all year round?

Relax and go with the flow. No matter what you do, don’t lose the cool. Instead, talk it out with them and explain your reasoning before they jump to crazy conclusions. The end of the week needs to be reserved for unwinding with your ultimate BFF. But if it’s your partner, that’s even better. The weekend looks promising in terms of the good times that are awaiting you. Be glad!


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Hey crabs, this week will kick off with one main mantra: “Bigger is better”. You are probably looking for a hella good time this week and won’t mind a little extravagance. But please make sure that whatever you’re buying doesn’t leave you broke. If you think whatever you want is in your range, excuse me why are you here reading this? Go make the purchase! Because bhaion and behno, zindagi na milay gi dobarah! Sometime during the week, you’ll be all about giving back to the people. A what better time to feel this when your dear friend needs a helping hand? Go ahead and help them out with the issues they’re facing in life, even if it is just listening to them. Towards the end of the week, you’ll have this crazy urge to clean everything that comes your way. Stay active on the weekend so you’re up and running the next Monday!


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Chances are that you might spot a famous personality or someone you’ve been dying to meet. Obviously, this will be the highlight of your week. Other than that, the major issues running in your life include being popular and gaining power – Ooo kahan ki tyaari hai? On some days of the week before you, you will want to just curl up in a ball and not talk to anyone, while a little later on in the week, you will want to be in the spotlight, strutting your stuff and feeling like a total star. This week should be about surrounding yourself with friends, family, and people you love. Basically, anyone who will make you feel on top of the world.


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Is there a certain person in your life who is asking for too much and pushing your buttons a little too often? Yeah, they gotta go bruh. But hey, be polite and nice about it and make sure they know that you’re still their friend and you still love them. Sometimes one needs to put it on the table like it is – without hurting any feelings. In fact, all week you might want to get your shit done this way – smoothly, and without making a fuss out of it.

Such tactics are usually adopted by very productive and busy people, and honestly, if it rows your boat, why not? Pay attention to cleanliness midweek. Clean that desk, that room, and even that heart. The end of the week looks like there will be some deep conversations and even adventures which will keep you busy with your BFF. Trust us, this week is definitely going to be something!


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While the rest of the sheep may seem to be scuttling around looking confused, many think that you seem sorted and ready to give some answers to solve these confusions. Koi nahi yaar, even if you don’t have the answers, I bet it feels nice to be the one everyone looks up to. Abay yaar, ab yeh na batana subko that you feel you’re not as smart as you look. Truth be told, you are smart and especially in the middle days of the week when you will feel particularly intuitive and perceptive. The end of the week looks good for your love life as an opportunity to flirt and be frisky knocks on your door. Overall, this is a good week for you and you’ll be getting some serious attention from all sides.


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Everyone would love more money, and it is only natural that you would too. But hold up, Monday and Tuesday are not the days to ask for it. If you want to ask for a raise, your timing must be absolutely on point. And trust us on this, it is better to lay low this week because if you push too much, apka scene off ho sakta hai. Honestly, the problem is not with you particularly. It is the other people who are running low on stress tolerance and energy levels. However, mid of the week things seem to be picking up for you as these days could flow smoothly and quietly. Friday is all about making a big decision. The weekend vibes seem to be going your way. Party on people!


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Someone with a jolly persona could possibly deliver some wonderful news to you early on in the week. Yay! Don’t we wish all the weeks could kick off like this? You will be happy and merry and will probably have more money coming your way. You will have more reasons to smile and honestly, life is totally good right now. Wednesday could bring your mojo down for a little bit as a figure of authority could kill your vibe or annoy you. That’s okay yaar, it won’t last a long time and you’ll be back in your happy place once more. Thursday could seem a little never ending as a close friend or family member could make you mad. Friday is all about happy times once more. The weekend also looks great as you seem to be surrounded by loved ones throughout the two days. Sunday is a big day – prepare yourself well for it!


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Okay people, listen up. Monday morning might seem like all is in control and you’ve got it. But, bad news, you probably don’t. There is a lot of potential for misinformation and misunderstanding which seems to be coming your way. Don’t try to be smart and think you can dodge your way through this. Truth be told, you gotta wait for the right moment and the right wisdom to come your way before you can handle this ‘situation’.

The middle of the week seems to be the best time to do some snooping around and finding out the real deal on things. It is best to ask questions, get into things, shuffle some papers and just play detective. Friday will bring along a load of energy to shun anyone who tries to put you down and tell you otherwise. The weekend looks busy as a lot of socializing is on the cards.


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Wow! This Monday is about finding out something super duper crazy about a person who is otherwise nothing special. It will keep you and your thoughts busy throughout the day. And what about all those ideas you had that were supposed to materialize throughout the week? Not a problem, things will be going your way pretty much early on in the week. I bet it feels amazing but a little overwhelming at the same time. Although it seems like something very typical, but it is indeed true that you never know who you come across, and they are the solution to all your problems.

This is going to be true especially in the middle of the week when you see your business deals getting closed or a progression in your career. Too good to be true? Well, believe it. Friday presents a chance to have an encounter with a certain someone who will make you feel happy and giddy. Kya baat hai dost, kya baat hai! Your world is full of wonderful people – just make sure you spot the right one!


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There is too much on your plate this week for you to think about something or someone else. In other words, mind your own damn business guys! Trust us, it is so much easier on the nerves. At the same time, if you feel like you have the right to judge someone or their actions, especially in the middle of the week, just think twice before you do so. Ask yourself, do you have all the facts and figures to judge this person? Why not just suck up the attitude and help out the person(s) a little bit? Tough talk but true talk.

By the end of the week, you might just realize that you were being a little uptight and go into a corrective mode. It’s a good thing, nothing wrong in being a good person. The weekend will be about getting in the new groove and ditching the old tactics. Sunday will bring good things to you. Keep those fingers crossed.

So, what’s your week looking like? Let us know in the comments!


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