Here's What Your Weekly Horoscope Says About This Week | 31st December – 6th January 2019

By Nai Dulhan | 31 Dec, 2018

Happy New Year in advance people! As we step into the new year, I’m sure ya’ll have your resolutions figured out already. Well, we’re here to help you step into the “New Year, new me” mode with our weekly horoscope. So let’s just get right into it.


As you step into 2019, all the help and support you need on Monday will be given to you by a trusted friend who is ready to extend help and wait it out till you’re done with your work. Tuesday and Wednesday will be a little tough for you but try not to get too frustrated and blow off steam on someone who you shouldn’t be mean to. This situation will not last long anyway! Iss liye hosla rukhain please. Everything doesn’t go our way always no does it?

However, you will be back in your groove on Thursday as things will be back to going your way once more. Friday is all about fun and happiness – it will be one of the happiest times of your life. Saturday and Sunday are quieter and more mellow.



You know what it will feel like? As if you have just woken up in a comic strip of your life that someone else is drawing. Yeah, everything seems the same but a little hazy and distorted. Don’t drive yourself crazy about this though. Soon enough things will settle into the right place. You’ll drive yourself nuts after this anyway. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you’re probably going to feel like you’re going on a one way trip to Mars, with no path to return. Yeah, it’s a messed up feeling. But a dear friend will bring you back to your hawaas and back to earth.

Although you don’t want to be mean and harsh on Thursday and Friday, people who are rushing you will take you out of your polite element and force you to be harsh. Word of advice: Breath in and breathe out. Take things slowly and one incident at a time. Once you slow down, the world will become normal once again over the weekend.



Okay, so let us ask you something. Would you be rather be rigid in your view points and offend a million people or would you rather be flexible, adaptable and get your shit done, without making people angry? Let us guess, you chose the latter right? Because that is the most logical option!

At the start of the week, you will probably be influenced by a certain someone who will inspire you to bring some big changes in your life. By Thursday and Friday, you are going to absorb all the information that is thrown your way and will investigate till yourself and your friends tired. By the time the weekend rolls around, you will have more focus and more answers to the questions that were hovering over your head all week long. But remember, focus is only as good as the clarity that you have. Use these answers carefully and you will go far!



Although you are able to influence people emotionally and manipulate them to some extent, we suggest that you don’t take this road on Monday and go for bigger and better ideas instead. Right now, you are able to think and reason rationally. So use that to your advantage. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you are in a ajeeb state of mind. Word of advice, let the thoughts slip by and go for a nice, relaxing stroll in a park or maybe a long drive. Just unwind the mind!

Thursday and Friday will bring you back with a jolt anyway. You will be required to think and act practically – try not to react with emotions. Saturday and Sunday will be all about people and social commitments – a party seems to be in the works. Have fun, you deserve it this week!



On Monday, you need to swallow your ego and pride and show them that you can and will adapt anywhere and at any time. That’s where the real strength lies right? Besides, your baseless ego always hurts you and others anyway right? On Tuesday and Wednesday you will have plenty of opportunities to listen to other people and to the voices in your head as well. There is no need to pretend that you know everything and have it all figured out. Nahi pata toh nahi pata yaar! 

On Thursday, you will learn a new skill or maybe even something new which is good! Friday will be a little daunting for you as you will have to hold your horses when someone challenges your opinions and beliefs. The weekend brings new challenges for you as things become blurry for you. It is a reminder that things are not as easy as they seem. A very important point indeed!



Okay Virgo, this new year’s first week you are doing the same shit over and over again, but this time you’re just taking a different route to getting it done. That is how your Monday will seem to you. Although this will make you happy because hey, at least something is different and better organized right? Although other people around you might seem to be in a frenzy and not at all organized but trust me, they have their shit together as well.

You know what you can do? Instead of criticizing people, you might as well learn a thing or two from them and share your methodologies with them too. Resources seem difficult to manage on Thursday and Friday and you might feel an urge to just give everything up altogether – not a good idea! The weekend will be marked by deep thoughts and conversations!



Oh dear Libra! You’re stepping into the new year with lots of fun and tamashay! Jo marzi ho jai, Monday is going to be a big party for you – so might as well let your hair down and party it up like a true jungli! Be bold, be adventurous and be totally out there because this is the perfect time to try something fun and exciting. Trust us, you will rub off this energy on other people too and the results will be outrageously amazing.

By the mid of the week, this zeal and zest of the week will continue and you will be an awe of everything around you, even if it’s just something as mundane as one of the last leaves falling off the winter trees. Thursday and Friday are yours to relax or pump up the energy even more – you decide because there is no stopping you. Finally, the weekend will be more on the calmer and quieter side.



We sense that there is a certain tension around the house that is bothering you lately. Monday might be the day that there will be an emotional meltdown from all the parties involved, including you. But we suggest that with your intense nature, you don’t let it get to you and try to steer clear of any drama. Other than that, Tuesday and Wednesday will be so busy that you won’t find one second to sit and ponder over your New Year’s resolutions. Honestly, you won’t even have time to think because you’ll be so caught up in your own scene.

On Thursday and Friday you will get a chance to help out other people and that is when you will be at your happiest, truest element. By the time Saturday rolls around, your focus will have shifted to a certain someone in your life. Spend Sunday with this person so your relationship can grow and blossom!



There is nothing that is going to turn you on more than the thought of you sharing and exchanging your big plans with people – no matter who they are. And you know what is even more awesome? You will be open to the idea of others pitching in their two cents and sharing their big ideas according to the experiences they have had in their lives. Wow, kya baat hai yaar? You know, we get it!

Listening to someone remembering and reminiscing their lives by the middle of the week may take you back to your own past as well. You will be in your own world until Thursday and Friday, when you will be pulled back into your sweet reality of the present. Saturday and Sunday are good days for effective communication and delicious food – but apna he pait hay dost, be careful of overeating.



You know, you can never be too prepared for a Monday. It’s just one of those bitchy days that will take you by surprise and leave you shocked for the rest of the week. But you know what you can do? Stop expecting! Stop expecting Monday to go your way and it might just surprise you pleasantly. Tuesday and Wednesday of the week before you, seem more ‘fun’. There’s art, there’s music and there is just plain old creativity that is bursting in the stars. It all looks great!

However, towards the end of the week, even though other things simmer down, you will find a way to have fun! By Saturday, there will be some worrisome things around the corner but you can tackle that as well. Saturday and Sunday are great, one of a kind sort of days. Enjoy it!



You’re excited – you know it, we know it and everyone else knows it too! The energy you are resonating is totally infectious! Even those who are talking to you on the phone will hear it in your voice. You know what the cool thing is? This energy is not going unnoticed. People are listening to you and responding to your energy as well. Tuesday and Wednesday are all about handling your financial matters and your infectious energy will have to be on hold for a while.

But on Thursday, money isn’t on your mind – it is something more important which you must address as soon as possible. Friday is about the deeper things in life – serving the people and fighting for freedom. The weekend will be more carefree and careless.



Your brain is totally caught up in the Monday madness. It’s so hard to focus isn’t it? Tell you what, focus on one thing and do it wholeheartedly. Tuesday and Wednesday you are open to experimentation, self discovery and innovation on a personal level.

Thursday and Friday will put you into a blurry state of mind again as all your discoveries will once again come into question – but it’s okay, that is how intelligent people operate and think. This weekend, let go of everything and stay at home in the quiet. You need it!



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