Here’s What Your Weekly Horoscope Says About This Week For You | 3rd December – 9th December

By Nai Dulhan | 3 Dec, 2018

Your weekly horoscope, folks


Heya! The year is almost over and we’re back again with your weekly doze of horoscopes. Let’s see how your week between 3rd December till 9th December 2018 is going to be.



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Ayi, early this week, you will feel good and accomplished. Heck, you’ll feel like you’ve conquered the highest peak of the world. Ahh, and the success doesn’t stop here as there will be other accolades under your name as well. But, you have to be patient people, because this success is not going to come over night to you. The middle of the week seems a little…slower, given the pace of your recent success. It’s not like things are going to go downhill, it’s just that since you’ve achieved so much early on in the week, you’ll now be in the “So, what’s next? What now?” mode. Know what we mean? Right now would be a good time to plan a trip away from home. This weekend, try to meet people of other cultures and beliefs, people who are complete strangers to you. It will help you find yourself and your purpose once more. Good Luck!


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This Monday, nothing is going to make sense to you. It seems as if everyone is acting a little bit loco. Everything seems out of place and just plain, absurd. But you know what, there is a fair chance that this is purely coincidental and means nothing at all. It’s probably just one of those days when everything seems crazy and wrong. Try not to dwell too deep into this matter as it will only confuse you more. Our advice is to take a chill pill and don’t let the madness get to you. If it really starts to bother you, you can always vent out to a trusted friend, family member or colleague – preferably someone who is in sync with your feelings and observations. By the end of the week, you will probably realize that this whole craziness had nothing to do with you anyway! At the end of the week, you will feel like making a crazy impulsive purchase – don’t do it! It’s a trap! Think it over and then make your move.



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We know you have strong opinions and ideas, we totally get it. But we also know that you are flexible and wise enough to embrace change and new ideas. Monday will feel something like this. A new idea will make its way to you and leave you absolutely shook – in a good way of course. This might be a game changer for you people, as things like this don’t happen very often and trust me; it won’t happen for a while after this. The middle of the week will be slower and a little dull as you might feel burdened with your professional development and any hindrances you might be facing in that aspect. Towards the end of the week, say Thursday, will be more about spending time with people who give you a sense of comfort. These are probably going to be your friends or family so cherish this time. The weekend would become much more happening if you decide to take on a group activity and get everyone involved in the fun.



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Okay so here’s the thing, if you’re single and living alone, you can pretty much call the shots on your life however you want. But when you’re in a relationship, you have to nurture and water the relationship with your time, thought and most importantly, love. There are two in the tango equation after all right? Think about that in the early days of the week. By Tuesday/Wednesday, you and your other half are probably going to come back in sync with each other – and trust us, this will only be a result of you sitting back, taking a chill pill on the criticism and relaxing for a while. Try this same strategy towards the end of the week as well and you’ll be good to go. There will be testing times when you will want to breeze through things in a hurry, but this will only add to the frenzy. Saturday calls for a ceasefire on your crazy emotions – in the mean time, practice keeping your shit together so you and others around you maintain their sanity as well.



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You know, loyalty is rare nowadays, which is why it is one of the most cherished and wonderful things that a person can have and give. But listen up, there is a fine line between being loyal and being clingy and overly needy – This, you need to recognize on Monday. When you’re solving the problems thrown at you, try to think out of the box for once – it’ll help you immensely. The middle of the week might pose some issues on the financial front, maybe a possible financial deal, but it would be very wise of you to set these activities aside for now, at least for this week. It takes alot to admit that you are inspired by someone and want to adopt their way of doing things. From Thursday to Saturday, you should do exactly that. Absorb the good stuff like a sponge and learn as much as you can from people who know more than you do. We know you have a hunger to learn and become an expert at things – Sunday is a good time for this. Good Luck!



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We totally understand that it is oh so very easy and natural to sit back and criticize someone for the choices that they make or have made recently. But we would advise you not to be that person. Instead, it would be far nicer of you to offer solutions, just like you would have solved the issues, had they been yours. Although, you might find that the inner story of this person is far more complicated and twisted, the best thing to do would be to come on slower with these people. Maybe they need someone to be patient with them at the moment. Think and be empathetic. Other than that, your financial position seems like it might be dwindling a little towards the end of the week, so spend wisely.



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We get it, you’ve had enough with the same old boring shit that you have to go through and do over and over and OVER again. It’s about damn time that you do something new and totally radical. In this sense, Monday’s source of new energy will come from a rather unexpected source – maybe a distant friend who you honestly haven’t bothered with much, or a book you’ve been holding off for a while! By the middle of the week you will be up to the brim with all these unlikely sources of fun and you’ll be ready to come back to the same old comfort routine. But the end of the week will require you to get up and get going again as your social commitments demand you to do so. Good thing is that your love and flirtation meter looks good in these couple of days and this aura of bliss might stretch to Saturday as well. Perhaps a date night or a casual hangout with a potential love interest will make these days worth remembering later on. Sunday is going to be out of this world! be ready.



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Wow, it looks like there are going to be some drastic changes in your home this week. We wouldn’t say that this radical change is going to be something bad, change is good and this change especially will be wonderful. The middle of the week will be kind to your love and personal life. Things are going to be looking pretty good for you as it is primarily you who is going to have the reigns of this relationship in control. You have not felt so drawn into this relationship, at least not in a while – so enjoy it to the fullest. Towards the end of the week you should try to avoid any sort of fight or confrontation – just try to stay fit and happy and all else will fall into place automatically. Saturday seems like a good time to start something new, something fresh. Sunday is all about love and the bond that you share with your other half.



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Networking is going to be easy for you this Monday as you will be able to read people’s mind and finish their sentences – uhhh supernatural much? Although a lot of this has to do with your relationship and connection with these people, it also means that you’ll be more alert and present minded. And as we know, all good things don’t always last forever, this chop chop snap mind set is going to be disrupted a little on Tuesday and Wednesday as your thoughts become a little clouded with other thoughts. Things might seem complicated temporarily, but towards the end of the week you’re back in the game again. The weekend looks pretty good as you will be enjoying it in the company of your one special love or crush. Sunday seems quiet and nice before the new weeks rolls in again.



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Yeah, we can sense that the mundane, every day, morning to night routine is starting to get to you. It’s dull, it’s mentally exhausting and it’s too damn predictable. But admit it, this has worked for you pretty well so far and ditching it seems like a big risk. Monday seems like a good day to consider a change in your routine or your life style altogether – maybe a new way to do the same old shit? Maybe take a new route to work, or innovate in an old recipe or just wear your hair a different way. It has to be as small as that but it will make a big impact on your overall mental wellbeing. Tuesday and Wednesday will find you being creative and thinking out of the box which is an extension of this new change that you want to bring in your life. It’s cool, it is all good! Towards the end of the week you might even come up with a realistic and useful solution to a pressing family problem – guess who will be hailed as a hero/heroin now? Friday and Saturday will be all about family and how to go about things in a positive way. Sunday is going to be about you and all the people attached to you – like your other half maybe? Don’t forget to sit back and chill.



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Isn’t it amazing when you see and feel that you have made a positive impact on your life and the life of other people? That is exactly what is going to happen to you this Monday. You will be inspired by your own spirit and this inspiration will lead you to being even more inspiring to other people. Yeah, go fugure! At this point in time, you will be in a spiral of happiness. Do good, say well and goodness will come back to you. Careful though, the middle of the week might find you slipping into some sort of delirium about your awesomeness. Don’t let one instance of goodness get to your head because it doesn’t take long to tumble down. The end of the week seems good once again as you will have several clever ideas lined up, one after the other. You will also be on fire in your networking game and some good discoveries seem possible in the cards. Hmm, interesting. On Sunday, slow yourself down for people who might need your time, love and affection.



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Oh dear fish, you have taken the burden of everyone’s sorrows and worldly turbulence on your fragile shoulders. Monday is marked by this feeling of dread and emotion that is taking a toll on your mental wellbeing. Don’t get us wrong, it is wonderful that you are compassionate and empathetic, but at the cost of your own state of mind? No no, not a wise thing to do. You need to slow down and take a deep breath. Try to delay your problem solving parades till Tuesday and Wednesday – instead, focus on your own self. You are important as well. And if you don’t have enough problems of your own…well, good for you because you are one of the lucky ones. Go have a nice time to yourself. Movies, haircut, night out with friends – do it all because Thursday till Friday you are in the grind once more. Sunday seems to be more subtle, soft and relaxed. Cherish this time.


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