Here’s What Your Weekly Love Horoscope Says About This Week | 14th January – 20th January 2019

By Maliha Khan | 13 Jan, 2019

So has this year been any better for your love life than it was last year? (Yes I know it was like only a few days ago.) If not, then don’t worry  I’m here to support you in your misery and if your love life HAS been better then don’t worry either, I won’t nazar your perfect, flawless relationship. What I can do is walk you through your love life for next week, as per your weekly love horoscope:


Relationship: Kinky is going to be your middle name this week. Your physical desires are going to be an all-time high and your partner is not going to complain. Physical attraction has always been at the top of your list and you have found the right person to complete that side of you. Glad someone here is happy.

Single: You are going to be putting effort into other passions and projects that you may believe to be hindering your love life, but believe it or not this week your hobbies are not going to disappoint. You are going to meet Mr. or Ms. perfect exactly when you are not expecting them.



Relationship: So you’ve been keeping some really top-secret stuff to yourself and it’s finally time to release the “information”. Don’t worry, it’s not the kind that will break up your relationship, it’s the kind that will make your relationship stronger and place more trust between the two of you. You have been planning a surprise for your partner that is their wildest dream come true and you’ve gone this long keeping it a secret, so don’t blow your cover until the right time.

Single: You’re feeling super good about yourself and there is no power on this planet that can stop you from meeting the love of your life this week. The chances are looking pretty good for you so keep manifesting.



Relationship: You and your partner have built this amazing relationship that consists of trust, faith, and dependability. You are his/her backbone and vice versa, so don’t ever doubt that. You are made for each other and this week, your partner is going to prove his/her place in your life multiple times and every time you are going to get blown away by the love. I’m warning you, don’t let this one bite the dust.

Single: Seize the freaking moment. It is the perfect time to take action and bounce on that “game plan” of yours. Your crush is in your range and this might be the only chance you get.



Relationship: Sorry to give you bad news, but this week is not your shining week. You and your partner are going to get into numerous verbal altercations and things are going to go downhill, like 0 to a 100 real quick. As much as I like to scare people, I would also like to mention that these fights are only going to last for a little bit. You will make up just as fast as the fights begin, so there’s still hope.

Single: I see some office flirting in your future for this week. You are going to go after someone in a professional setting and the flirting will be reciprocated. Dress to impress!



Relationship: So things have been going well for you, a little too incredibly well and you know it’s too good to be true. Prepare to hit some bumpy roads because you’re going to go over a bunch this week. Like with most things in life, you are going to get over them but at the moment they can rip you apart limb by limb. Things are going to be messy, and they are going to take a toll on you physically, emotionally and mentally, but you have to stay strong.

Single: I feel some smoke because damn the chemistry between you and your potential boo is hot enough to start a fire. Trust your gut and my gut, because right now it says “what are you waiting for, just go for it”.



Relationship: You are going to be embracing some heartache this week, and I just want to let you know you have so many people in your life that love you. Your partner is going to disappoint you in a very major way, but it gives you the perfect opportunity to figure out your feelings for him/her.  Some relationships are just not meant to work out and this might be one of them. You have a lot of big decision-making to go this week, so get some rest while you can.

Single: You can’t seem to be vibing with anyone and it has nothing to do with you. This is not the week for you to embark on a new journey of love and that is totally okay.



Relationship: You have been feeling some type of way and you have not yet shared with your partner. Now is the time to speak or forever hold your piece, because you are going to start resenting your partner. Communication is key in any relationship, whether you have been together for ten days or ten years. Tell your partner how you are feeling about the division of chores, or their lack of support, or whatever else is on your mind. Do it right now!

Single: You want someone and they clearly do not want you back. I don’t see any other option besides, go out there and live your best life.



Relationship: Your partner fell in love with your mind and this week you are going to remind him/her your intelligence is the sexiest part of you. You have a way of talking and explaining your point of view in which your partner gets lost, so use that to your advantage this week. Your partner is going to be all over you and you will truly feel loved this week.

Single: The last person you thought that would be a potential bae will give you every reason this week to give them a chance. Even though in the back of your mind you don’t see it working out, still give it a try, you might come out of it with a partner.



Relationship: Well some things don’t change. You are still the most beautiful sign this week and probably for the next few weeks (come on Venus, we all need some help). Your partner finds you charming, sexy, irresistible, and other adjectives that should only stay in the bedroom. Your relationship is at an all-time high, so soak in that love, honey.

Single: You’re frustrated because apparently good things never happen to you. You often find yourself demeaning you and your abilities, but it is the time you change that perspective about yourself. You are beautiful and have so much going on for you, so stop complaining and just wait for the right person to come along.



Relationship: You’re in alpha-wolf mode and your partner is not going to be your biggest fan this week. You are going to be controlling and rather rude in the way you work with your partner. One piece of advice to remember for this week is words cannot be taken back. Once you say something, you may get forgiveness but the other person is never going to forget the tone and reasoning behind what you said. Be careful with the way you communicate with your partner this week.

Single: You’re doing you and things haven’t been this good in a while. Self-love is the most important kind of love and you are working towards a healthy relationship with yourself, so good for you. Keep going, you are so close to the finish line.



Relationship: So the two of you have not been the most honest people with each other like you should be. You would expect your partner to tell you all sorts of things, but if you are out there hiding stuff also then don’t blame your partner for the issues you are facing as a couple. It is time to lift the weight off of your shoulders and to tell each other everything you have been holding back. You deserve to be happy and you will be once the truth is out in the open.

Single: The person you have been interested in possesses a lot of the deal breakers you have on your list, but you still choose to hang out with this person. I smell something fishy, so you better take your bait and make a run for it this week.



Relationship: There’s trouble in paradise and your partner won’t be your go-to this week. A true friend will come to your rescue and give you the most realistic advice anyone has ever given you and oh man you have needed this. You are stuck between a rock and a hard place, but this advice will help you get out. Just remember love doesn’t only exist in romantic relationships, love can exist between friends as well.

Single: You will find love within your friend group and before you get happy too fast, this love is not meant to last. Enjoy it while you can, but don’t expect too much from it.


Now that you have read your weekly love horoscope, how true do you think it’s going to be? Let us know!


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