Here’s What Your Weekly Love Horoscope Says About Your Love Life | 17th December – 23rd December

By Maliha Khan | 17 Dec, 2018

Welcome back folks to the “How messed up is my love life this week?” show. I can’t promise you rainbows and butterflies, but what I can do is give you a few warnings and heads-ups through your weekly love horoscope:


Relationship: You are your own worst enemy. Can you please give yourself some credit for the bombass individual that you are? You never believe in yourself or give yourself the love and care you deserve, but that doesn’t mean your partner can’t either. Your significant is in absolute love with you, so let him/her show you what true, selfless love is like.

Single: Stop lying to yourself about how amazing this new beau is in your life. It’s not love, it’s just lust and you are worth so much more.

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Relationship: Your life currently revolves around your love life and relationship, and some people in your life just can’t bear to see you happy. These people will try and create unnecessary issues, but you know you’re better than them. Shake it off baby, and kick those people out of your life pronto. As for your partner, they’re your ride or die, don’t get their love twisted with how others are treating you.

Single: Love is great and all, I personally attest to it, but there is more to life than just love. Don’t go around looking for love, be patient and wait for it.

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Relationship: Oh, honey you shine brighter than the lights of Times Square on a dark night and make sure your partner sees that. Your partner may try to take that away from your this week, and it will help you realize your partner does not support you like you thought he/she would. This is the time to figure out where your goals stand and whether your partner is on board with them. Just remember you’re a king/queen can ride solo if need be.

Single: Focus on the accomplishments you would like to achieve and if an individual comes along that appreciates your drive, snatch them up.

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Relationship: This holiday season you and your partner are so in love and life is complete. If you have kids then the two of you will be giving out the love you have for each other to your kids, and there is nothing wrong with that. You have come a long way in your relationship and you finally know relationships aren’t about being connected by the hip, but it’s much more than that. Love is emotional than physical.

Single: Looks like you’ll be hitting the jackpot this week possibly at a party of some sorts. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity, because chances like these don’t always come along.

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Relationship: Let’s talk about the s-word (only using this abbreviation to not offend the ghairat brigade). We all know about the pleasure that can come from it, but that side of your relationship has been lacking. Talk to your partner and have an honest discussion, because you can’t possibly fix something when your partner doesn’t even know there’s something wrong with it. Soon after this conversation, you are going to experience some really intimate moments in the bedroom. (Is it getting hot in here?)

Single: You tend to live in a fantasy that is completely made up in your head and it often prevents you from getting serious with people, because they’re not perfect enough. Well, buddy let me tell you, perfect does not exist and it’s better you hear it from me than your next date.

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Relationship: Get ready to enter a state of vulnerability this week. You are going to open up like a book with your partner this week and he/she isn’t mad about it. They will learn of your deepest, darkest secrets and they will appreciate you and where you come from so much better now. It’s amazing to see a love where the two partners grow with each other and that’s what you have. Hang on tight, it’s a bumpy ride but so worth it.

Single: You have either gone through a tough break up or your crush has literally crushed your heart. Focus your energy on loving yourself rather than hating them.

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Relationship: There has been something off in your love life for a while now and you are finally ready to come to terms with it. An older individual in your life will give you advice that you will keep close to your heart and remember it forever. The stories and examples you hear from this person this week will help you appreciate your partner and the love you have together, because believe it or not it could be a lot worse.

Single: Follow your gut and your instinct, because it will never prove you wrong. Whether you are entering something or thinking about leaving, your gut will be your best friend this week.

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Relationship: A white lie is not enough to hurt a relationship, but completely keeping finance troubles away from you is a big no-no in your book. Your partner has not been honest about the hardships they are facing regarding money, but exactly why your partner and you work so well together. Urge him/her to open up and work together as a team to resolve the issues.

Single: The potential boos in your life are giving me maternal/paternal vibes way more than romantic ones. Nobody wants to be with someone that controls them and tells them what to do, I suggest you continue your search.

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Relationship: They do say honesty is the golden rule and you value this so much so it’s come time to act on it as well. You’ve become a master at keeping things to yourself and your indecisiveness is beginning to get on your partner’s last nerves. Guess what, they might just call it quits after your last undecisive stunt? To avoid this, you better learn about to make decisions quickly.

Single: Be honest with yourself about the type of person you need in your life to balance you out, then go out in the field to look for eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.

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Relationship: Stop living in the past, because your past does not represent your present or your future for that matter. You’re chasing after something that is not going to come back to you. Your present partner will never be the same as your past partners and there is nothing you can do about that, so give up that fantasy. That relationship ended for a reason and now focus on what you have.

Single: A friend will look more attractive to you than he/she has ever before. There is nothing wrong with going on a date or two to test the waters.

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Relationship: There is a definite kebab mai haddi this week and you’re already tired of having this person around. You just need to know your partner is completely committed to you and that there is no one that will be getting in the way. The only way to guarantee this is by being open with your partner about how you feel and if they are the one for you then you will just know.

Single: A friend has a crush on the same person you do and he/she will try their best to get their hands on your crush, you better act on it before its too late.

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Relationship: If a bad situation was to come hit you in the face straight on, you would still try to convince yourself that it is normal. Your partner has been acting fishy and obviously keeping secrets from you, and knowing all of this you still choose to ignore it. Do yourself a favor and ask your partner to tell you the truth. You are a team and that’s how it should be.

Single: You’ve been going on dates with different people for a while now and you’ve been living it up. I say you do you, because doesn’t it seem like the perfect time?

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Let us know what your love life was like this week and if we got your weekly love horoscope right!


Here’s What Your Weekly Horoscope Says About This Week For You | 17th December – 23rd December

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