Here's Why You're STILL Single, According To Your Zodiac Sign

By Nai Dulhan | 23 Jan, 2019

Do you ever feel really bad for yourself, so you decide to settle for being called a ‘lone wolf?’ Are you also sick of using and reusing the #foreveralone hashtag? Are you forever bound to be afflicted by chronic singleism? Well, I’m here to tell you why, oh WHY you’re still single according to your zodiac sign. Without further delays, let’s get right into it.

But then again, apko kya jaldi hai? It’s not like you’re getting late to a date. LOL.


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Why you’re single: Bro, apkay pass time he kahan hai?

Yes, you’re always busy and on the go. You literally have no time for love, or maybe you don’t make time for it! Your life is full of action and it is always packed with a ton of different activities that leave you excited for that sort of stuff. But love? You don’t seem to have that kind of patience, kyun ke kon wait keray for a relationship to blossom when you have a million other things on your mind?


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Why you’re single: Apkay standards khuch ziada he high hain bhei

Taurus, we know that ya’ll are headstrong and clear when it comes to your idea of romance. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a good thing that you know exactly who you’re going to click with. But, things take a downward turn when any one single thing is missing from your self-created check list. You’re the kind of person who has idealized love, exactly the way it happens in the movies – well, that’s not how real life works does it now? You need to learn to compromise a little warna akailay he rehna puray ga! 


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Why you’re single: Aap intahai he koi confused type cheez hain

Basically, you don’t know what you want people. Gemini, since you’re represented by the twins, confusion and indecisiveness is a part of your basic nature. If and when you actually do like someone, you will have a mixture of emotions to deal with. One day you’ll be head over heels with them, and the next day you’re over them. WTF??! What do you think this is going to do to your poor crush? Obviously they’ll be confused AF. You need to think and think hard about what you want, BEFORE you decide to pursue it.


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Why you’re single: Aap hur waqt ‘hard to get’ play kernay mai busy rehtay hain

We’re not saying you do it intentionally, but boy oh boy, in your efforts to look all tough and in control, you end up giving the impression that you don’t care about anything or anyone. Moreover, the walls that you’ve built around yourself are so high that very seldom has it happened that you have opened up to anyone. Bhai, kabhi relax bhe ho jaya kerain!


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Why you’re single: Aapka self confidence aur bharam he nahi khatam hota

You know, there’s confidence, which is nice and pretty cool. And then, there is over confidence – which is pretty darn un-cool. It’s true that you realize your worth and will never let anyone forget it. For this very reason, you expect to be treated like royalty. Most people are not as confident as you, so there is a possibility that you might come off as being very arrogant. Ghalti apki nahi hai, ghalti toh unn subki hai who are taken aback by your self -obsessed antics.


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Why you’re single: Aapka selection criteria khuch zada he sakht hai

Yaar, why do you need to be so picky when it comes to your partner? You are one of those people who can pick out flaws in the best of things as well. Although we know that you don’t need to be such a pain in the butt, but it just…happens. The minute you fall for someone, you take out a million things in them to criticize and turn your feelings off. Here’s a wild idea: nobody is perfect, not even you! *Gasp* And guess what? No one will come crawling after you if you keep up with this toxic attitude.


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Why you’re single: Aapka self-inflicted zulm he nahi khatam hota 

Although you are a total social butterfly who is able to make friends very quickly due to your super likable nature, your self confidence is somewhere on the opposite side of the spectrum. You are really tough on yourself, and nobody knows why! Once you fall for someone, or if you feel like someone likes you, you start to tell yourself that you’re not good enough for them. Word of advice, please don’t do it yaar! You need to know that you are an amazing person and deserve to be happy and loved.


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Why you’re single: Aap kay trust issues

We know that you like to keep to yourself and that makes you super attractive to people. Needless to say, people fall for you all the time. And although you are capable of carrying on a relationship with perfection as an understatement, your internal struggles with trusting people easily often get in the way. You are fully convinced that people have ulterior motives, and that is why they want to get to know you, and as a result, you tend to push them away.


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Why you’re single: Aapko bus azaadi chahiye 

In other words, you’re afraid of commitment because apko apni independence bohat azeez hai. You don’t like anyone telling you what to do, or how to do it, because it’s your life! You put yourself first in every situation and that makes it very difficult for you to bring another person in your life. Voh kehtay hain na, selfish. That, that is what you tend to be. You prefer to hustle alone and don’t like anyone to slow down your pace.


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Why you’re single: Apka career subsay pehlay ata hai

You’re a hard worker – putting in your 100% always. You’re always on the go when it comes to your personal and career goals and hardly ever let anyone ever stop you from achieving them. Love and relationships are a mere distraction to you, an obstacle or a road block. Who needs love when you can become successful instead? Yeah, keep thinking that and you’ll end up forever alone.


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Why you’re single: Aapka akailay rehnay ko dil chahta hai

You are one of the most generous and beautiful people on Earth, inside and out. But masla yeh hai ke you prefer to be alone. Yikes! You feel exhausted and tired around others and will probably be cuddled into your house if you had the chance. And the reality is that you can’t really expect to find love if you prefer to stay in bed and spend time with…yourself. Step out and face the world – shaid koi mil jai!


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Why you’re single: Aap khuch zada he direct hain

When you fall for someone, you fall hard. And in that situation, you are able to blurt out your feelings with ease. This baffles people and they’re over whelmed to the extent that they feel like deers in front of head lights. And the end result is that they shut you off. Well, awkward. You need to play it cool and control your emotions. There is no need to text your crush every hour or show up at their house whenever you’re free. Back off a little and relax.

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