How This Man From Lahore Was Finally Locked Up For Misbehaving With An Innocent Person After Social Media Outcry

By Khudeeja Asif | 23 Dec, 2019

A man from Lahore was finally locked up after social media outrage

Every single day we see examples of injustice within our country because of a privileged few misusing their influence. This is not just evident in the flawed nature of our legal system but also on the roadside. A recent video is slowly being spread around the internet which showcases one of the worst examples of injustice.


A man from Lahore was locked up after a Facebook video went viral showing him threatening another person with a gun, out in the open

The video starts off with two men in a heated argument, which then turns physical. Something you notice from the outset is how one of them looks like an ordinary man, while the other one is clearly a powerful person with a big car.

Warning: the following content is alarming and violent.

What comes after the initial altercation is very concerning. The powerful man drags the other person and throws him to the ground before going to the backseat of his car. He comes out with a gun and then points it at the poor person on the ground.


The man from Lahore was finally locked up after the video wreaked havoc among people on social media

After his initial outrage, people took to Twitter to spread the word about this heinous act. Many encouraged others to ensure that justice is served by letting everyone know who the man is.


The man from Lahore was identified as a bank employee and people immediately rallied the authorities so he could be locked up for his actions

Aqeel Mirza, the alleged assaulter, is the son of Humayun Mirza who is a powerful and wealthy bureaucrat. People who have these kinds of family ties have no fear in the society we live in but that does not mean they can get away with this.

Many Twitter users expressed their distress and anger over the situation that took place. A lot of them want to see charges of assault being pressed against Mirza, and rightly so.


Action was finally taken and the man was locked up soon after the social media outrage

People called for authorities to take action and arrest this man immediately to make sure that no further injustice is done. Only then can we stop actions like these from happening again.


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Cover image via: @ahsan_saifullah / Twitter

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