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By MangoBaaz Studio | 4 Dec, 2021

With the advancement of the digital world, anyone can now become a content creator on social media. All you need is a smartphone. Many people have the desire to become content creators since the opportunities are countless. You can showcase your talent in a variety of ways as the platforms offer multiple genres and mediums that can be explored and utilized. These can help in achieving your creative goals.

With so many options, a content creator must also decide which platform is best for the type of material they want to generate. SnackVideo is one of the most popular short video-based social media sites in Pakistan. Parodies, dances, vents, tips, and hobbies are just a few examples of a wide genre of video material that attracts attention on SnackVideo.

If you are an aspiring content creator who is just starting out, you can go and review the content of some of the known Snack Stars like Arooj Fatima, Shahzaib Veer, Rizwan Ghallu, and many others. Learn some tips and tricks from this article as well as the content creators for making interesting and targeted content on SnackVideo.

  1. Select the topic or theme of your video according to what resonates with your interests and talents

Choose a video theme that appeals to your hobbies and talents, such as video lessons, parodies, dances, and other light-hearted entertainment. Then, add some background music of your choice to increase the chances of the video getting discovered by the right audience.

See how Rizwan Ghallu, one of the SnackVideo Content Creator, makes knowledge-based videos as per his passion and interest. He makes them look fun and engaging for his viewers and you can too.

To keep the content constant, make and post videos with relevant or similar topics on a regular basis. That way, you’ll have a better chance of getting discovered by people who share similar interests.

  1. Always be up-to-date with the trends

Many popular videos can motivate you to start developing your own content. Having a variety of music or songs accessible to work with might be a good start, especially if the music or song is already being used by other creators. You can also check the trending feed for inspiration on SnackVideo.

You can see how Snack Stars like Minal Khan, Dr. Zarghoona, Good Guy Noor and many others utilize daily hashtags or currently trending music into their content to make it more fun and appealing.

You can also dub videos that are already available and follow an existing concept to easily create and upload videos faster. Don’t steal stuff from other creators without giving them credit; instead, try to be inspired and continue to create original content on SnackVideo. Plagiarism is not acceptable.

  1. Follow currently circulating challenges for more reach, such as #SnackVideoPakistan on SnackVideo

At SnackVideo, you may take on a variety of challenges and create your own entertaining videos. Try one of the viral challenges, such as #AreYouOkay, to get started with making video content on SnackVideo. Record the video and start sharing your video challenges on a regular basis. For content makers who are just getting started, keeping up with challenges like these is one of the easiest and fastest methods to create short videos. You can even go and explore #areyouokay challenge of other creators to understand what they are doing like Just Tanya who is always up for creative content.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to include hashtags in the description or caption of your videos, as this is a great technique to get the audience to find and engage with your content and page, making it easier to locate by other people looking for related material. Use hashtags that are relevant to the video you’re uploading to ensure that your material reaches the people who want to see it.

  1. Don’t be shy, network and connect with other content creators

Leave likes, comments, and share the content of other creators on your additional social network accounts. As a token of your gratitude, don’t forget to add the creator’s name to the list and give them due credit. In addition, you can grow your network by getting to know other artists through SnackVideo’s messages function. In this manner, many people will notice your presence as well as activity on SnackVideo, which will increase engagement and the number of people who may want to follow you.

  1. To ensure more traffic share your SnackVideo videos to other social media platforms as well

Don’t forget to share the videos you make on SnackVideo on your various social network accounts to further improve your profile as well as increase traffic as a content creator. You will become more well-known if you share your content on numerous social media platforms, and more people will visit and even follow your SnackVideo account.

Take Ali Gul Pir for instance. The comedian uses SnackVideo to create his content but also shares on other platforms which increases his engagement, visibility, and traffic due to cross-platform promotion.

A content producer must be consistent in making short videos, publishing them, connecting with their audience, and selecting the appropriate social media sites to showcase their work. Content Creators will gradually but steadily find their loyal, relevant audience by engaging in these activities on a regular basis.

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