Here's What Your Zodiac Signs Says About The Way You Express It When You're In Love

By Maha Butt | 22 Aug, 2018

Love is an expression that everyone makes differently. If you’re someone who believes in astrology, you would find it fascinating that various Zodiac signs can determine how you express your love to those you love. Do you have a major crush on someone in university? Someone is giving the signals of likability and you can’t really figure if they’re into you? Let us take you across this journey of how zodiac signs may show that they are in love.


1. Aries

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An Aries wouldn’t take things slowly. If they’re in love get ready for relentless persuasion and impulsive admission of love. Look forward to frequent emails or text messages. An Aries can be competitive and won’t hesitate in showing his charm compared to other suitors. Their jealousy can be quite visible!


2. Taurus

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Taureans are loyal yet generous. You can expect candlelight dinners, red roses, and a box of chocolates. When they fall in love they make sure to convey clearly that you are indeed the one and only for them. They wish to make a strong commitment and you can expect them to introduce you to parents. If a Taurus is protective and showing care, it means they love you a lot.


3. Gemini

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Well, it can be difficult to read Geminis. They tend to flirt with a lot of people and can’t seem to keep their attention on one specific person. Therefore, wait and see where the relationship is going. If a Gemini comes back to you for conversations or you seem like a mystery to them, then they are surely interested. But once they’re in love, expect detailed text messages with emotions. They wouldn’t stop talking about you. One thing that defines them is their selfless nature and care. This can be via cooking your favorite dinner or throwing a small party.


4. Cancer

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Cancerians are difficult to comprehend. They are emotional and will care about your needs before their own. In order to admit feelings, a Cancerian needs to feel secure. An attempt to walk you to your car would be their way to exhibit concern yet the feeling to protect. When crushing on you they may blush and look away at eye contact. But once they feel someone is taking you away from them, they’ll take the fastest route to convey their emotions.


5. Leo

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Leos will most definitely not wait to confess their feelings. They are passionate beings who are ready to shower their love, attention, and be it monetary gifts. They will want everyone to know when in love and this could be by showing off their special someone in front of friends. Screaming out mujhe pyaar hogayaa at the top of their lungs.


6. Virgo

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With a Virgo do not expect a grand display of affection. They are reserved and hesitant to make a move. They want to get to know you. Never push them into confessing. They will take their time in the fear of not getting hurt. Until then a Virgo will be your best friend and may help their special someone with chores to minimize workload as a gesture of feelings.


7. Libra

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Libras wear their heart on sleeves. Hopeless romantics as one may describe them! From loving gazes, poetic notes to flowers, get ready to feel special.


8. Scorpio

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Scorpios fall hard and passionately in love. They might have already imagined marrying you. If they feel there lies competition, the possessive darker side emerges. The type of people who will make it clear they’re into you and it will certainly be difficult to resist them.


9. Sagittarius

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Sagittarians love meeting new people and have the adventurous nerve! If they like you, they’ll spend more time with you telling their adventure stories and make you laugh simultaneously. Sagittarians are extroverts and will clearly make their feelings visible. They want you to join them in their escapades and adventure. Sagittarians want an intriguing and fun companion. If they love you, then you may be the most fun person to hang with.


10. Capricorn

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Capricorns have the traditional approach to love. They may show signs of love if they talk about their plans for the future. To judge if a Capricorn is into you depends on the lengths he would go to impress you. They are quite reserved and disciplined. For them, work is more important and an admission of love could be quite awkward.


11. Aquarius

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Aquarians aren’t flirtatious naturally. Therefore, if they show interest it must mean something. They may seem detached or nervous in a romantic setting or be it an intimate dinner. Aquarians may not project deep emotions but it doesn’t mean they don’t carry any feelings. Patience is the only solution. Sooner or later they may display feelings.


12. Pisces

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A deeply romantic zodiac sign. So you can expect them to be emotional. Their way of showcasing love could be in the form of an intent stare into your eyes. They shall try to impress you with romantic poetry, handwritten letters, late-night texts, or through art.

So, were you misinterpreting the signs? Each zodiac sign has its own personality and way of love expression. Let us know if your situation is relatable!


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