Humaima Malick Just Revealed The Shocking Details Behind Her Abusive First Marriage

By Iman Zia | 24 Jul, 2019

Humaima Malick has opened up to also have been abused in her first marriage with Shamoon Abbasi and subsequent relationship.

Fatema Sohail’s harrowing revelation of suffering from years of domestic violence at the hands of actor and singer, Mohsin Abbas Haider, has shaken social media. Multiple celebrities have since come forward in support with Humaima Malik, Gohar Rasheed, and Hamza Ali Abbasi have also claimed to be witnesses to these incidents.

Today, Humaima Malick has also proceeded to reveal that she herself has been a silent sufferer of domestic abuse, allegedly at the hands’ of ex-husband Shamoon Abbasi.

Humaima took to her Instagram stories to divulge details about her “abusive relationship,” allegedly accusing former husband Shamoon Abbasi.

Source: @humaimamalick/Instagram


Humaima had been silent for years regarding the abuse she faced when she was a “19 [or] 20” year-old “miserable old girl.”

Source: @humaimamalick/Instagram


The actress went onto say how she should have said something despite being in a three-year abusive marriage followed by seven years of a subsequent relationship.

Source: @humaimamalick/Instagram


Humaima did not reveal the names of the abusers but confessed she was beaten to death on many occasions.

She had had enough of staying quiet and ended her story with #nomoresilence.

Source: @humaimamalick/Instagram

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