I Watched All Of Shahmeer Abbas And Waqar Zaka’s Nonsensical Phadda So You Don’t Have To

By Rameeza Ahmad | 9 May, 2019

I am just plain embarrassed for Shahmeer Abbas and Waqar Zaka. 


The drama that started on YouTube exclusively has now spilled over most notably on Instagram as everyone uses Instagram stories to give quick responses to anyone they might have a problem with.


Ever since the recent drama in the Pakistani YouTube community, Shahmeer Abbas’ Instagram stories are being updated CONSTANTLY

Source: Shahmeer Abbas official/YouTube


After beefing with almost every YouTuber there is, Shahmeer Abbas is now calling out Waqar Zaka

Source: @shahmeermulti / Instagram


Instead of talking it out in a private chat or on the phone, the two are responding to each other via their Instagram stories and if nothing, it makes for pretty good entertainment.

Source: @shahmeermulti / Instagram


Shahmeer starts out the story with the claim that he has now the perfect footage depicting the event of Froggy’s punch and would reveal it very soon.

Source: @shahmeermulti / Instagram

After this he called out Waqar Zaka, saying that he was making videos against Sham Idrees and Froggy for the sole reason that he could get more views and subscribers on YouTube. To prove his claim, Shahmeer shows how Waqar’s previous videos had garnered almost no views and as soon as he uploaded a video against Sham and Froggy he got 10 times the views he usually gets.


Shahmeer put on a wig to imitate Waqar Zaka

Source: @shahmeermulti / Instagram


Over at Waqar Zaka’s Instagram stories you see him telling Shahmeer that he doesn’t need views on his videos since he is the pioneer of using social media to make money

He talks about being the first Pakistani whose Snapchat account was monetized, apparently. And that he had been in this business when Shahmeer was in ‘liquid’ form. He then shows videos of himself on expensive flights and on exotic vacations telling Shahmeer that he was doing amazing things like this when he was Shahmeer’s age and Shahmeer should get on his level before he talked about him.

Source: @waqarzaka / Instagram

Shahmeer responded, of course, saying that all of these travel videos are from when Waqar was at least 30 and that Shahmeer is currently 20 and he was earning enough to take care of his entire family. As for Waqar ridiculing Shahmeer for the type of content he makes, Shahmeer said that Waqar literally built his career on shows like Living On The Edge and what not and now that he had gained recognition was playing the ‘maulvi card’ and condemning anyone who made content as he had made just a few years ago.


Waqar Zaka literally pulled out Quranic verses to show how he had a vast knowledge of religion

He apparently wanted to show that even when he went to ‘high-level parties’ he had Islam and its knowledge in his heart.

Source: @waqarzaka / Instagram

To this, Shahmeer stated that he had videos and information on Waqar Zaka that could potentially ruin his life. And for him to back off or Shahmeer would expose him and Waqar Zaka wouldn’t even know what hit him.

The exchange of shade between the two keeps going back and forth with both of them telling the other to ‘stop’ but of course neither of them is stopping. Waqar ended his video by saying that he has ‘better’ things to do so he won’t even watch videos.


As of last update, Waqar Zaka made sure to remind everyone but especially Shahmeer about how even Imran Khan was a fan of Waqar Zaka

*mic drop*

Source: @waqarzaka / Instagram

Honestly, this is one of the most ridiculous fights I have ever seen. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: Shahmeer Abbas/Waqar Zaka via YouTube.com

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