Iqrar Ul Hassan Gave A Thappar To A Man On His Show And Nasir Khan Jan Is Pissed Off By That

By Sarah Shaukat | 23 May, 2021

Host Iqrar-ul-Hassan often goes around being a daredevil exposing frauds on camera. Recently, a clip went viral in which he is seen slapping a man in the midst of a sea of people. The entire thing was recorded and now making the rounds on the internet. From what it seems, the video is a snippet from the TV show and he apparently caught a bad guy and thought it to be okay to slap him while he was at it.

People were quick to pick this up and condemned this act by Iqrar-ul-Hassan.

People were pissed at Iqrar ul Hassan, questioning his morals and his authority to hit someone

Some even called him a “mobster” for committing such an act.

Some suggested that he should have been punished for the slap.

While the general public reacted to the video, social media personality Nasir Khan Jan also tweeted his reaction to this video. He shared his sheer disappointment with the anchor and called him out for being reckless.


Many people praised Nasir Khan Jan for talking about Iqra-ul-Hassan and his actions.

While others were disappointed to witness something like this as they considered Iqrar-ul-Hassan to be their role model.


Soon after the video caught attention, Iqrar ul Hassan also responded to the backlash. He shared his side of the story in a tweet along with a video. We advise viewer discretion.


With the video that he shared, Iqra-ul-Hassan explained that this man was committing a heinous crime by abusing a minor girl and blackmailing her on top of it.

He claimed that he is not defending his action and regretted slapping this man but considering what that man did he could not help but hit him. As a response to his video many people sided with him claiming that they were sure there was a solid reason behind his action.


Despite the justification, some people were not convinced.

The incident has turned into a heated debate with some siding with the anchor while others condemning the act. What are your thoughts on the issue?


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Cover image via and iqrarulhassan/ Twitter

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