Iqrar Ul Hassan Rescued A Family Being Held Captive In A Foreigner's House In Lahore And It's All Pretty Crazy

By Maliha Khan | 10 Feb, 2019

We’ve been hearing a lot about news anchor, Iqrar Ul Hassan, and his team’s accomplishments lately. He recently went undercover to expose the “beggar mafia” and to show what type of business it has become in Pakistan. He was able to confront the “boss” of the area he was pretending to be a beggar in, but was never able to catch him.

Recently, he managed to rescue a mother and her three daughters from a foreigner’s house in Lahore.

The house belonged to a husband and wife from an Arab country, but they were not in Pakistan at the time of the escape. It is still unclear how the mother and her daughters ended up being imprisoned in this house and by whom, but we do know they were imprisoned for about twelve days.

Source: ARY News

Iqrar Ul Hassan and his team were given a tip by someone and they even held a stakeout outside of the house, before proceeding to enter the premises. 

They were aware of what part of the house the prisoners were being kept in, so they went towards that side of the house and were immediately met with the face of the youngest daughter in the window on the second floor.

Source: ARY News

As soon as the face was seen, Iqrar quickly climbed onto a make-shift ladder and entered through the window to rescue this family.

His team followed him into the house, though it is not clear if they also went in through the window or if a door was opened from the inside for them.

Source: ARY News

Upon arriving into the room, the mother and daughters began to hysterically cry and thank the team for rescuing them.

They explained that they were forced to stay in that room for about twelve days and were given spicy daal and roti as their only means of food. The mother started to talk about how they had run out of sugar and she was not able to soothe her daughter’s tongue because the food was so spicy.

Source: ARY News

The youngest of the daughters begged to be taken out of the room and upon being asked where she wanted to know, she replied anywhere but there.

The daughters and mother seemed to be in a lot of distress and were very relieved to have finally been found. They repeatedly thanked the team for getting them out of there.

Source: ARY News

After the brief interview, they were led out of the house through the window.

Iqrar Ul Hassan led the way and the rest followed.

Source: ARY News

Iqrar Ul Hassan became the family’s personal hero and he changed the lives of this woman and girls forever.

He gave them another chance and he saved them from whatever that could have happened to them being trapped in that house. As the audience we don’t know what those young girls and their mother suffered or how they were being kept or even why they were being kept.

Source: ARY News

People thanked him and his team for their act of kindness

May we all have the strength to be better human beings

One word that says it all

Hum sab bhe yehi poch rahay hain

Congratulations to the team as well

Here’s the entire video:

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Cover image via ARY News

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