Iqrar Ul Hassan Went Undercover As A Beggar In Karachi And The Whole Scene Is Really Insane

By Biya Haq | 18 Jan, 2019

,Now, THIS is investigative reporting, people.

In Pakistan, there has always been talk of the ‘Mafia’ behind all the beggars in the country.

It is assumed that all of these workers function under the authority of a ‘tekhaydaar,’ who ensures their safety and positions in exchange for profit. Of course, all of this has yet to be confirmed to the public. Until now,

 News Anchor Iqrar Ul Hassan went undercover as a beggar in Karachi to expose the in’s and out’s of the ‘Beggar Mafia,’ and it was pretty wild.


Source: ARY News


First, Hassan showed us the process of going undercover. He had to be completely transformed so that involved makeup, a wig and a completely new set of clothes to play the part.

Source: ARY News

Next, Hassan took to the streets and was dropped off to begin to play his role of a beggar. The first couple of instances remained uneventful up until a number of other beggars began to confront Hassan on his actions. They aggressively kept pushing and shoving him to get him to leave the area, stating that it was their territory.

Once it was revealed that this specific space was kept for a specific number of people, Hassan knew he had caught on to something.

Source: ARY News

Unfortunately, besides getting a little roughed up, Hassan didn’t find much else information in this area and moved on to another location.

After being at the new lookout for some time, Hassan got the attention of two other beggars, both aggressive and confrontational. The two of them began to forcefully take Hassan to their ‘tekhaydaar.’ 

Source: ARY News

At this point, Hassan was faced with a decision, he could either go ahead with the two beggars or call his camera and crew to try and get information out of them on the spot.

Instead, he decided to go along with the two men and meet their ‘Boss,’ while being followed by the camera crew. And this is where it got really interesting…

Source: ARY News

Hassan met with the tekhaydaar who admitted to making a profit from his system of beggars. It was at this point that the camera crew stepped in to confront everyone within the vicinity, which ultimately led to a chase.

Source: ARY News

And unfortunately, though the man was able to get away, Hassan and his team called the police in the area and let them know of the relevant information.

After this, after four long days, Hassan was able to remove his makeup, wig and clothes to go back to his own life. Though the perpetrator did get away, it was clear to see that his operation was exposed thanks to the hard work of Hassan and his team.

Want to see the entire thing? Watch here.

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Cover photo source: Fashion Central/ARY News Via YouTube

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